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Existence lasts 15minutes A Screening in Sh

[2011-9-22 20:56:41]

Existence lasts 15 minutes ----- A Screening in Shangyuan Art Scene

XuKutao (curator):
  Andy Warhol说过这样的话:“在未来,每个人都能成为名人15分钟。”
Andy Warhol once said: “In the future, everyone could be a celebrity for 15 minutes.”
So, between the frequent sharing of internet videos and limited 15 minutes, let us see what we can do with the video tools in our hands.
11thSeptember would be a good chance.

参展艺术家: Participants:
陈学刚, 黄文亚,黄香,唐棣,灵雨,刘斌,马玉江,徐若涛,薛利,耶苏,gokcen dilek Ernest Bryant…….
Chen Xuegang, Huang Wenya, Huang Xiang, Tang Di, Lin Yu, Liu Bin, Ma Yujiang, XuRuotao, Xue Li, Ye Su,gokcen dilek Ernest Bryant……..
时 间: 2011年9月11日下午3:00-6:00
Time: Sept 11th 2011 from 15:00 to 18:00
地 点: 上苑艺术馆二号展览厅
Address: No. 2 Exhibition Hall of Shangyuan Art Scene

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