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Beijing Shangyuan Art Scene’s Art Exhibition On Ju

[2011-6-7 15:54:14]

Beijing Shangyuan Art Scene’s Art Exhibition On June 12th
Host: Beijing Shangyuan Art Scene
Curators:Zhitian Ren, Yanguo Xia, Ruotao Xu
Area of Exhibition: Marsh Along the Shore of Huairou Shayukou Reservoir and Outdoor Space of Shangyuan Art Scene
参展艺术家:何湘嶷,黄文亚,周日升,陈学刚,方诚,代化,灵雨,汤宇,马玉江,余建荣,耶苏,刘斌,黄香,黄瑞瑶,Ludwika Ogorzelec,徐若涛,任芷田,刘艳,萨子,田龙玉,杨铭
Participants: Xiangyi He, Wenya Huang, Risheng Zhou, Xuegang Chen, Cheng Fang, Hua Dai, Lingyu, Yu Tang, Jiangyu Ma, Jianrong Yu, Yesu, Bin Liu, Xiang Huang, Ruiyao Huang, Ludwika Ogorzelec, Ruotao Xu, Zhitian Ren, Yan Liu, Shazi, Longyu Tian, Ming Yang
Time of Exhibition:4 pm on June 12th, 2011
 PS: We have buffet party around 6:30 and dancing show form Xiaojuan Shi Mordern Dance Troupe at 8 o’clock.

  From a point of view, the creation of art works is an activity of breaking through the system which has been constructed and described by art itself. This aspect gives artists an ultimate possibility of imagination and the liberty of thinking which will always stimulate artists to create.
  Snail is crawling with his shell. Soft, sensation, moistness, naïveté and surprising composed the shell, which is his cumbrance but also protect his elegance, heaviness, and boringness. This analogy describes them as a whole which may seems too rational. The crawling artists will not always think this way.
  如果没有壳,学科的壳,体制的壳,艺术家何为?If there is no shell, shell of disciplines, shell of the system, what will artists do?
  我们天生善感、善悟,我们喜欢游戏。We are emotional and understandable, we love gaming.
  Let us forget all those knowledge we learned about art, get far away from the system and leave our professional skills and techniques behind. No galleries, no museums, no art market. We may be nothing, but we are still human beings. So, let’s play some games and have some fun.
  How about a naked ape? Too extreme? At least we know that the naked ape is somewhere far away and we can see him. At the same time, this naked ape is somewhere deep, may be deep inside everyone’s body and feels you.
·活动计划:Activity Plan:
  Based on the landscape around Shangyuan Art Scene, we organize an art activity in the wild create and showing art works which the majority of partners will be Shangyuan Art Scene’s resident artists.
      无主题,除了在野外和非学科化没有别的限定。The theme of this activity is not specific. The only limitation is that the activity is in the wild and there is not boundary among subjects.
  在展览之前艺术家可自行或者组织一次郊游活动,确定创作区域,因地构思各自的方案。  Before exhibition, there will be a period of time that artists can walk around the area and find a proper place to make their own idea possible.
  欢迎参与,绝不强求。Everyone will be welcome!
 At the time, we will invite people from media, artists and friends to come and watch.

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