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Touching from a tian ( ) tian: Gal.la Uriol Jané S

[2019-9-3 5:15:55]

Touching from a tian ( ) tian:

Gal.la Uriol Jané(西班牙)个展



参展艺术家/Artists:Gal.la Uriol Jané(西班牙)

展览城市/City:北京 Beijing


展览时间/Duration:2019/09/07 - 09/11


Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing

前言 Intro

Gal.la Uriol Jané (Barcelona 1978), lives between Barcelona and Berlin, a city she discovered in 2001 as a result of her exchange at the Universität der Kunst, in George Baselitz’s class.

In 2003 he graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in the specialty of painting and in 2006 he made the final project of studies, specialty of arts and theory, at the school of design Eina.

Gal.la Uriol Jané is a painter committed and intrigued to find the right way to express an idea, aware of the fragility of this process that is reflected in the unstable materials it uses. His work is the result of an existentialist interest to understand and live all that surrounds us and we are. Play and turn the meanings, respecting the mysteries. From the most banal and everyday questions: how we build our world? How do we represent? What is identity? How can we know? 

Gal.la Uriol Jané invites the viewer to constantly jump of scale, structure and material, confronting it with models, objects, representations of the universe, of man or of certain forces that act at a molecular level, to enter a more ethereal and metaphysical terrain, and from this place, unstable and confused, keep questioning things. 

The works that you can see in this exhibition, made in the commune of qiaozi artists, are the result of  Gal.la’s encounter with new sounds, new tastes and shadows, the result of dancing with another way of living the world. The contact with Chinese cultur for Uriol Jané ist like a geroglyphic magnet that transports her from the slightest simplicity to the deepest complexity of being.


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