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Flounder Lee

[2019-9-12 17:34:37]

【上苑视频展映】10个国家的13部短片|Flounder Lee(美国)主执播放


地点:中国 北京市 上苑艺术馆    2号展厅 

主持 Flounder Lee(美国)

评选人: Flounder Lee(美国)、李云(中国)


Mariah Blue(荷兰),

Johannes C. Gerard(德国/荷兰),

Toban Nichols ,  Łukasz Hoebów(美国,波兰)

Juan and Ivan Negroni-(波多黎各/美国)

Zhong Lu-(中国)

Irena Paskall(马其顿), 

Patrick Jenkins(加拿大), 

Milad Forouzandeh(伊朗)

 Wang Di-(中国) 

Alex Mari and Myani Guetta-(美国)

Sid and Geri-(美国)

 Austin Sley Julian(美国)


由上苑驻留艺术家Flounder Lee(美国)发起的,以题为《未来是正常的吗》的征集,收到了世界各地投稿,有12位短片制作人视频入选。他们将集中92419:00 向全世界所有艺术家开放,同时在上苑艺术馆集中展映。





这次放映的目的就是要探索这些问题中间的可能性。一个普通人的日常生活会变得怎么样?他应该住在哪里?人们会有什么娱乐?   那些 “正常的,司空见惯的。 


Frankie Chow是一位跨学科的艺术家,总部位于澳大利亚悉尼。 2014年,Chow在悉尼艺术学院获得视觉艺术荣誉学士学位,并获得悉尼大学荣誉奖学金。 毕业后,除了两个国内和五个国际驻留项目外,艺术家还参加了五个国际展览。

Everything about the last page looked good, Thank you so much. Just please add this below:

Biographies for the Selection Committee: 

Frankie Chow is an interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. In 2014 Chow completed Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours at Sydney College of the Arts with the University of Sydney Honours Scholarship. Since graduation, the artist has participated in five international exhibitions in addition to two domestic and five international residency programmes.


Lee Yun.
 Visual and sound artist, independent filmmaker, currently work and live in Beijing.

主持人简介 :   

Flounder Lee是一名艺术家/策展人/教育工作者,目前正在世界各地从事艺术和主持的工作。他在美国的一个农场长大,随后获得了佛罗里达大学的学士学位和加利福尼亚州立大学长滩分校的美术硕士学位,包括工作室艺术和摄影。在过去的十年里,他的作品中有几个重叠的主题:后殖民主义、地图绘制、科学和环境变化。他使用各种媒介,如照片、视频、表演、声音和安装来创作涉及重要主题的作品。许多相同的主题和媒体也是他的策展实践的一部分。他利用了从第一个航空航天工程专业(如规则和预设条件)中学到的东西,并运用在他的实践中。在他的休假期间,他创造了不同的作品,从艺术和策展(特别是非殖民化)两个角度论述了我们未来的每一天。       



The Future Is … Normal?

September 24, 2019  19:00

Shangyuan Art Museum, Exhibition Hall 2, Beijing, China

Juried and Curated by Flounder Lee

Curator Biography

Flounder Lee is an artist/curator/educator currently on sabbatical doing artist and curatorial residencies around the world. He grew up on a farm in the US and went on to receive his BFA from the University of Florida and his MFA from California State University Long Beach—both in studio art and photography. For the last decade, several overlapping themes have run throughout his work: postcolonialism, mapping, science, and environmental change. He uses various media such as photo, video, performance, sound, and installation to create work that touches on important topics. Many of the same topics and media are also part of his curatorial practice. Holdovers from his first major of aerospace engineering such as rules and preset conditions are common in his practice. His sabbatical work deals with a quotidian future from both artistic and curatorial (especially decolonial) perspectives.




People have utopian and dystopian ideas about the future. Techno-optimism pervades Silicon Valley. Environmental apocalypse is a constant threat. But what if the future was neither complete utopia nor dystopia? What if humanity continued to trudge along between these extremes, as it always has?

The places between is what this screening is about. What will the day to day life of an average person be, wherever that person should happen to live? What will recreation, work, culture be like? What about food, clothes, homes?

Videos that deal with the everyday, the “normal”, the quotidian are sought. 

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