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Body Orientation & Relationship: Qin Jiaojiao

[2019-9-8 17:59:03]


Body Orientation & Relationship

Qin Jiaojiao Solo Exhibition


参展艺术家/Artist:秦姣姣 Qin Jiaojiao

展览城市/City:北京 Beijing


展览时间/Duration:2019/09/014 - 09/18


Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing

前言 Preface







This series of works titled "Body Orientation & Relationship" is a succession series of "Body Orientation", and the overall style is consistent in each. These art pieces represent my thinking relating to various aspects of art, including my motives to draw this way, method of drawing, the value of exploration and the meaning of persistence. My focus is on the inner world of people, and the body elements constitute the image, in order to directly explore the real inner landscape of people. 

Subtraction is a method that I always use in my painting language, just like demolishing a house, at the end only a few elements stick to the backbone, and then I use my vision to re-measure and re-structure in a concise way. Maybe all that is left in this world is a small house able to provide shelter for the birds to rest. This place could be surrounded by the watermelons field, the vast field of crops and sky and that is precisely what I am interested in. 

The art works of this series use black and white and gray tones. When there is no rich color, the spatial relationship of the picture is emphasized. A sharp line cuts the frames apart, like two strangers starting to perform together on a stage. Sometimes they step into each other’s territory, sometimes not, politely touching upon each other’s space, near or far. Most of the time the relationship is out of balance because there is a little chance of meeting the same people and interacting in the same way again. I like to stretch out the time in the painting. The change of color, the speed and the tempo of the line and the change of shape all hide the time. 

Without mirrors, we can only see ourselves with our eyes as bodies and limbs, or rather as flesh. These elements of our bodies at our mercy every day, and we experience their heaviness, and they can’t escape us, they can’t escape the bones, so I like to liberate them. The canvas is the place where we observe our bodies, beginning to hide, distorting, overlapping, splicing and breaking, overturning and spreading within the visual range of less than one square meter.The self-observation is over. Now, the two bodies are interacting in the image, which is more complex, like the phenomenon of people getting along with each other. If they do not alternate in close contact, they alternate in the seasons, and this constitutes human society. 

The creation basis and direction of "Body Orientation & Relationship" series of art works are  little out of touch with each other, because the previous works were mainly explorations and experiments, and this stage plays maverick with the reality. In an era of constant innovation, I think that there must be some quietly growing breath leading me to the next secret path.

——Jiaojiao Qin

译者:莫籽 Irina

作品 Selected Works












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Qin Jiaojiao

Personal Website: http://qinjiaojiao.com/

Born in 80s, lived in 798 Art Dist and Roundness Art Community from 2017 to 2010. Resident artist of Shangyuan Art Museum in 2019


"Body Orientation & relationship"——The solo exhibition by Qin Jiaojiao,Beijing


"Blooming Rose"——Woman-themed online exhibition,online


"The direction of the body" ——Second exhibition by Qin Jiaojiao,Guangzhou

Artistic conception——Chinese 2014 Dubai Art Exhibition,Dubai 
"The direction of the body"——The solo exhibition by Qin Jiaojiao,Beijing
Breeze/Landscape: Invitation & Exhibition of Shangyuan Artists,online

99tents, 99dreams——About artistic Beijing the artistic area periphery untolds,Beijing

Deep Breath--Chinese Modern Oil Painting Exhibitions,Beijing

"The dream of greatness" the oil painting art show by Qinjiaojiao,Heilongjiang
The China art festival youth unfolds,Germany
 Link iron temple fair,Beijing
99tents, 99dreams——About artistic Beijing the artistic area periphery untolds, Beijing

"The oil painting exhibition by Qinjiaojiao", Heilongjiang

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