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Shangyuan Art Museum July 6 "​The palest ink

[2013-6-27 9:20:20]

Shangyuan Art Museum July 6The palest ink is better than the best memory(Nishastaga )Exhibition


   CuratorR. A. Suri(加拿大)

参展艺术家 Artist马玉江、宋兮、战兴隆、刘涛、杨健杨欣嘉

展览时间 Duration2013-07-6~2012-07-16
开幕时间 Opening2013076 15:30 
开放时间 Working hours:周一至周日 10:00—17:00
  城市 City::北京 Beijing
展览地点 Venue:上苑艺术馆一号展厅 Shangyuan Art Museum — Layer
地  址:北京市怀柔区桥梓艺术社区 
主办单位:上苑艺术馆 Shangyuan Art Museum


Nishastaga Project



The palest ink is better than the best memory.

  The Sanskrit termNishastaga, entails the experience of visual disclocation upon entering a new space or territory. This same sense of displacement or disorientation may reflect upon the situation of contemporaneity and artistic practice. In light of historical distortion & our own collective frailty, I have sought to elaborate on the origins of subversion in the context of the P.R.C., with an incrued interest to address the errors’ of historical imperative. The seminal figures of the literary underground demarcated not only new forms of expression (whether with the word or the later consequence of evolutions in visual language) yet furthermore, enacted an explicit examination of the experiential beyond the parameters of predominant Occidental thought. The position of Nishastaga is an amorphic one: process preceeds determination. In lieu of the didactic I have sought to select artists’ whose work reflects upon their predecessor’s courage and tenacity, asking that each in turn contemplate on the concealed truths of time’s passage and find their own inspiration (whether in agreement or in opposition) to the pretext of the curatorial statement. The strategy is an emperical excercise to further excavate influence and offer a pronounced statement against the travesty of our era.

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