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《飘移的灵魂Drift of the soul》KRZYSZTOF LINNIKE 作品展

[2013-6-6 13:51:44]

   CuratorAgnieszka Budyńska



执行人Executor:孙上了 Sun Shangliao 参展艺 ArtistKRZYSZTOF LINNIKE波兰

展览时间 Duration2013-06-14~2012-06-22
开幕时间 Opening20130614 15:30 
开放时间 Working hours:周一至周日 10:00—17:00
  城市 City::北京 Beijing
展览地点 Venue:上苑艺术馆-图书馆2 Shangyuan Art Museum — Library Second Floor
地  址:北京市怀柔区桥梓艺术社区 
主办单位:上苑艺术馆 Shangyuan Art Museum


Drifts of The Soul” exhibition consists of two sub-series of pictures. „Book of Exodus” is a fruit of experiments with the mind and energies. Aiming at stimulating the viewers’ imagination, they are Artists perspective on the cosmic forces that gave source for our existence. „Dakinis” series is largely influenced by South Asian mythologies. In Tantra, Dakini is impersonation of the female element. The Dakini character is present in Buddhist tradition, but originates from Hindu lore, where it was associated with the most terrifying of Goddesses – Kali.

The artist, from these images of the origin of life, found a channel to reach his own sensitive body. From the dilemma between the joy of human reproduction and authoritative morality, a unique presentation of patterns is formed, which keeps pushing audience into status of expecting more.

    KRZYSZTOF LINNIKE - graphic designer, illustrator. Born in Warsaw, Poland. Etnographer and political scientist, graduate from the University of Warsaw. He completed a course in artistic pottery in studio Nowolipki. Holds a diploma in Art Management.

For two years he has been conducting a scientific study of local spiritual culture in the Carpathians. His primary interests then revolved around folk magic, especially dreams and dream symbols in Boyko Land in Ukraine, among Boykos, a dystinctive ethnic group of Slavic highlanders. Encounters with interesting people gave inspiration for the first cycle of graphics, dedicated to Carpathian witches.

His works explore mythology, iconography and symbolism from various parts of the world. One can trace elements from culture of Europe, as well as from the Americas and Asia. Some of the inspiration comes from medieval drawings, illustrated manuscripts and preserved codes of Central American civilization. Curiosity in the cultures of Mayans and Aztecs gave inspiration for series of drawings made with line characteristic for Mesoamerica. His recent pieces derive from the inexhaustible source of mythologies of South Asia, mainly India. For many years Linnike has been experimenting with various techniques of working with the mind, and those experiences influenced his art.

Linnike took part in collective presentations and had a number of individual exhibitions (such as "Angels. Los (t) Angeles", "Imaginarium", "Demons", "Shamanism"). His pieces had been published in the press (such as the "Metro", Polish daily newspaper with national range) and served as illustrations for the book "Asatoma Sat Gamay" published in 2012 in Germany. He collaborated with Polish Television. He created his own graphic project "Polish Folk Devils" displayed in the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. He designs tattoos, bookplates, logos.


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