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[Shangyuan Site] Yang Jie solo Exhibition | On my

[2019-8-6 9:47:41]

[Shangyuan Site] Yangjie solo Exhibition  | On my one


参展艺术家/Artist:杨杰 Yang Jie

展览城市/City of Exhibition:北京 Beijing

开幕时间/Opening:2019.8.10. 15:00

展览时间/Duration:2019.8.10 - 8.17


北京市怀柔区沙峪口村上苑艺术馆 Shangyuan Art Museum, Shayukou Village, Huairou District, Beijing


上苑艺术馆 Shangyuan Art Museum

On My One is the theme of this exhibition. Here, sadness is different from sadness, it is just a feeling of disappointment about time. This visual backtracking, which is almost "pessimistic", can be either a great event in the past memory or a detail of life in hasting in the reality.

Yang Jie’s recent works seem to echo this sentiment. Look at things, inside from sentimental, evidence, outside from the point. The recorded images are simple in shape and low in hue; The images written are condensed to a simple, blurry appearance. Its secret quiet and sentimental, transmission of a nameless hope and yearning in reality. Although we cannot claim that this is an artist with strong style and form who walks on both sides of the emotional spectrum, we can clearly feel that this comes from the inexplicable sadness of youth, which is a generation of young people who constantly encounter mature self-immersion and experience. One of the defining features of Yang jie’s work is that no matter how orderly and evocative his initial work may seem, it will be repeatedly rewritten by obsessive-compulsive "nameless coils" until the image approaches the "blurring" effect he needs.  Look from the history of art, his works of this kind of residue seems to be "appropriate" Cezanne, hockney, Richter and twombly art master of creative thinking and creative, but he was confident of culture has the decisive and committed to the "chemical" purpose of visual creation - still make the "trace" self-identification, based on the sentimental shows the creation of an artist unique talents and "consciously" rewrite "traces" of cultural quality.

Sad, does not mean to go back to the past. Reality, on the other hand, means moving forward with determination. It is hoped that the works of student Yang jie can bring different cultural perspectives to viewers.

Cao Dan

Professor, Department of Basic Visual Arts, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

Dali, Yunnan 2019.8.4

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