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【Scene】Simplicity and the Spirit: Zhan Mingzhao So

[2018-9-15 20:58:23]

【Scene】Simplicity and the Spirit: Zhan Mingzhao Solo Exhibition

策 展 人:聂海松

学术主持:薛  畅

开幕时间:2018年9月15日   下午3:30




Curator: Nie Haisong

Academic Host: Xue Chang

Open: September 15, 2018, 15:30

Time: September 15 to 21, 2018

Venue: Beijing Qiaozi Art Commune, Shangyuan Art Museum, Exhibition Hall No. 2

Organizer: Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum


参展艺术家詹明昭 与他的雕塑作品《 修罗》(上苑艺术馆收藏)



詹明昭 雕塑作品《 修罗》(上苑艺术馆收藏)


by 聂海松 








Many times, blunt description will lower the enjoyment and aesthetics of art works. And apposite caution, on the contrary, will bring out the imagination of the audience, to fulfill the absence with imagination. Simplicity, in the West is the minimalism, in China is the Liu Bai, both trying to be expressive without actual figures or colors. And the tributes in gold and silver representing the ghosts and gods, just like amulets, stubbornly adhere to the vastly empty and unpredictable painting, with either fear or respect. The artist uses his misconception of the gods and spirts when he was a child through art, creates new composition and ideas. Based on traditional culture and custom, he enshrines his own heart with his artistic language.

by Nie Haisong


Mingzhao, for people just get to know him, feels like if he is still a kid. But, inside, on the contrary, he is a mature and persistent man. Looking at his paintings will bring you a sense of loneliness. When he talked about his childhood, he always mentioned the story he went to the shrine to preform rituals with his grandfather. Gold and silver foil have undertaken too many stories and meanings in Chinese culture. Chinese people’s perception of gods and spirts is multidimensional, we believe that the gold and silver foil have magical power to reach them.

Therefore, Mingzhao created these series of works based on the same principle of culture attached with the gold and silver foil. Minimalistic composition and symbolic figures are, in fact, to break the spatial and concrete limitation, and to explore the ideas of pure and essential characteristics of human spirit. The simplicity of the imagery and the superimposition of color makes his painting plastic. For him, the process of creating his works is like a religious celebration. The maker of this celebration is the ground of gold of silver.

To explore the unknown to reach your heart is the aim of this exhibition.

by Xue Chang

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