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【上苑展讯】超结构主义线下群展 征稿启事

[2023-6-7 14:24:28]



Notice of soliciting contributions of superstructuralism offline group exhibition



Offline group exhibition solicitation notice


Curator: Jun Tang, Mingzhao Zhan


Receiving email: 314462046@qq.com


Deadline: July 10th


Opening time: 4 pm on July 30th (estimated)


Exhibition location: Exhibition Hall of Shangyuan Art Museum (east of Shayukou Village Committee in Huairou District, Beijing, opposite Shayukou Art Square on Chaliang Road)

学术支持 Academic support


Shulong Liu (Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design, Jilin University of Architecture)


Jingjing Shi (Founder of ARTBANK)


Decai Wang (Associate Professor and Academic Committee Member, School of Art and Design, Tianjin University of Science and Technology )


Jingguo Xie (Professor, Department of Chinese Language, Soochow University, Taiwan)


David Brubaker (American Art Research Scholar)

一、超结构主义来了 Superstructuralism is coming


Musk’s starship soared into the sky, ushering in a new era of human development on Mars; Quantum technology is also on the rise, and China University of Science and Technology has gained quantum hegemony in quantum computing research; Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, meta universe, digital twins, etc. bring human survival experience into Xintiandi.


This is the focus of Superstructuralism, that is, to transcend the daily spacetime structure and explore various non daily spacetime (namely other spacetime). In fact, humans have long been dissatisfied with living in mediocre time and space, but constantly yearning and exploring their own time and space. Then came the rockets of Ziolkovsky, Apollo moon landing program, the Voyager probe, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Mars migration program.


The superstructuralism doctrine keenly perceives and grasps this point, constantly surpasses the daily spacetime, and rushes to the quantum world, the black hole, white hole, wormhole of the cosmic space, as well as the parallel universe, the six dimensional space, the ten dimensional space of the superstring, as well as the virtual reality space, the meta universe, mental space, etc. Imagine that if Shangyuan Art Museum had a creation base on the moon or Mars, how would the artists residing there create works different from the earth spacetime


Therefore, superstructuralism is not a so-called school similar to the past art history, but a new direction of art and the real export of human soul.


The group exhibition can start the Superstructuralism complex of artists, and promote their creative desire to release to other spacetime. This is the second exhibition of superstructure. And the first exhibition was last year’s online group exhibition, with 50 artists participating (as shown in the figure below).

【上苑展讯】超结构主义网络群展/SuperstructuralismNetwork Exhibition

二、线下群展 Offline group exhibition

1、形式 Form


Superstructure takes the new space-time view as the creative fulcrum, and governs all kinds of subjects, including shelf, installation, sculpture, modeling, behavior, multimedia, biological art, virtual reality, and so on. In addition, it can also be presented as a concept, an idea, a composition, a scene, and an action.Different artists have different understandings of the structure of hyperspace and will inevitably present a feast of visual and intellectual diversity.


A seminar will be organized to discuss the connotation of Superstructuralism and its artistic exploration of time and space, as well as the possibility of changing from art to non art.

2、时间安排 Schedule


The deadline for submission is July 10th.


Select the exhibited works from July 11th to July 14th and notify the artists.


Send the artwork from July 15th to July 25th.


It will open at 4 pm on July 30th. The extension period is 10 days.

3、具体事项 Specific matters

1)展览事项 Exhibition matters

1. 主办方为上苑艺术馆。

The organizer is Shangyuan Art Museum.

2. 展览地点为上苑艺术馆展厅。

The exhibition venue is the exhibition hall of Shangyuan Art Museum.


Exhibition location: Exhibition Hall of Shangyuan Art Museum (east of Shayukou Village Committee in Huairou District, Beijing, opposite Shayukou Art Square on Chaliang Road)

3. 策展人:汤军,詹明昭。

Curator: Jun Tang, Mingzhao Zhan.

4. 学术支持:刘树龙(吉林建筑大学艺术设计学院副教授),施晶晶(ARTBANK创始人),王德才(天津科技大学艺术设计学院副教授,学术委员),谢静国(台湾东吴大学中文系教授),David brubaker(美国艺术研究学者)。

Academic support: Shulong Liu (Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design, Jilin University of Architecture), Jingjing Shi (Founder of ARTBANK), Decai Wang (Associate Professor and Academic Committee Member, School of Art and Design, Tianjin University of Science and Technology ), Jingguo Xie (Professor, Department of Chinese Language, Soochow University, Taiwan), David Brubaker (American Art Research Scholar).

5. 参展免费。但展览期间发生的布展及开幕费用由参展者平摊,每个参展者不高于100元。

Exhibitions are free of charge. However, the exhibition arrangement and opening expenses incurred during the exhibition period shall be shared equally by the exhibitors.

6. 组织举办展览开幕式和研讨会。

Organize and hold exhibition opening ceremonies and seminars.

7. 入选的参展作品来回快递费用由作者自理。主办方负责收件和撤展方面的工作。

The author shall bear the cost of round-trip express delivery for the selected exhibition works. The organizer is responsible for receiving and withdrawing exhibits.

2)征稿要求 Requirements

1. 投稿作品可以是绘画、架上作品、装置、雕塑、影像、诗歌、舞蹈、音乐等。

The submitted works can be paintings, easel works, installations, sculptures, images, poem, dance, music, etc.

2. 绘画及架上作品尺寸原则上限定在200x200cm以内。

The size of paintings and easel works is generally limited to within 200x200cm.

3. 投稿时,需提供原创作品最多6件(6张图片等)以供评选,原则上每位入选艺术家展出一至两件作品。

When submitting, a maximum of 6 original works (6 images, etc.) must be provided for selection. In principle, each selected artist will exhibit one to two works.

4. 投稿作品的JPG图片大小至少在3M左右。作品信息按顺序标注:姓名,《作品名字》,材质,尺寸,创作年代。例如:张经,《蓝鸟》,油画,150x90cm2021年。

The JPG image size of the submitted work should be at least around 3M. Label the work information in order: name, "Work Name", material, size, and creation year. For example: Zhang Jing, "Blue Bird", oil painting, 150x90cm, 2021.

5. 对于影像、诗歌、舞蹈、音乐等作品,请提供视频、音频或文字等资料。

For works such as videos, poetry, dance, music, etc., please provide materials such as videos, audio, or text.

6. 发送投稿者个人资料:艺术家简介(50-100字),一张艺术家肖像照或生活照(3M左右)。

Send personal information of the contributor: artist profile (50-100 words), one portrait or life photo of the artist (approximately 3M).

7. 投稿文件中请写明个人微信号、电话、邮箱、作品回寄详细地址。

Please specify your personal WeChat account, phone number, email address, and detailed address for returning the work in the submission document.

8. 所有文件打成zip压缩包后,发送到投稿邮箱:314462046@qq.com

After all files are zipped and sent to the submission email: 314462046@qq.com.

9. 参展作品必须是艺术家自主创作,如有抄袭、盗用后果自负。

Exhibited works must be independently created by the artist, and any plagiarism or embezzlement shall be at one’s own risk.

10. 入选架上作品都可不装外框或简装即可,拒绝接受带玻璃框的作品。

Selected works on the shelf can be left without frames or simple decoration, and works with glass frames are rejected.

11. 作品寄之前需有完善的外包装。寄来时破碎的作品将被拒绝。请选择京东快递或自行运来。

Before sending the work, it needs to have a complete outer packaging. Works that are broken when sent will be rejected. Please choose JD Express or self delivery.

12. 主办方对参展作品有展览、研究、摄影、录像、宣传之权利。不能接受的请勿投稿。

The organizer has the right to exhibit, research, photograph, video, and promote the exhibited works. Do not submit articles that cannot be accepted.

13. 请按照以上要求进行投稿,如不合要求主办方可能拒绝受理。

Please submit according to the above requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, the organizer may refuse to accept it.

3)其它事项 Other matters


After the works is selected, the curator and organizer will form a separate WeChat working group for participating artists to notify them of the delivery time, address, and regulatory requirements for the delivery of the works.

附:超结构主义详解 Detailed explanation of superstructuralism


Please visit the link: Detailed explanation of superstructuralism


Send a separate PDF on SuperstructuralismAlternatively, you can proactively obtain this document from the organizer or curator.


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