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【上苑现场】Irina Ideas Klyuev 伊莲娜(黑山)个展

[2019-7-29 16:26:47]

上苑现场】 Irina Ideas Klyuev 伊莲娜(黑山)个展

[Shangyuan Site] Irina Ideas Klyuev (Montenegro) Solo Exhibition

参展艺术家/ Artist:

Irina Ideas Klyuev 伊莲娜(黑山)


City of Exhibition: Beijing


Opening:  3:30 pm, 3rd August, 2019


Duration: August 3rd to 9th, 2019

地      点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆二号展厅

Location: Exhibition Hall No. 2, Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum










绘画大多受到运动的启发,事实上我们作为一个行星以这样的速度移动,但却看起来是静止的。绘画正在探索运动和停滞之间的并置。一个代表能量,力量,力量和另一个代表理想主义,一个努力的形象,一个没有边界的想象力。这是阿波罗和狄俄尼索斯的古代概念之间的一个小游戏,但这次不是试图吸引或转移到一个到另一个,目标是将力量加入到一个并征服每个被叫的敌人或朋友 - 时间。



Movement conquers time, on our quest to merge with Technium we are at the final frontier - Time

This conglomerate of thoughts expressed in here are paintings, sculptures and installations and they are all about the opposites, joining the two ends of the spectrum together, embracing the dissonance and living the experiences of the polyphonic, multidimensional beings that think beyond now and here. Presented in here is the movement of life, the idealism that precedes each moment of creation, ready to jump into tomorrow but still held back by today and especially by yesterday. I believe that every artist is a futurist because the time we live in echoes in the background of each creation, eventually the artist plays with time in both directions and the time eventually is the final judge, it tests us all the time during and after our lifetimes. 

Paintings are mostly inspired by the movement, the fact that we as a planet move at such a speed, and yet appear static. At the same time the molecular world where the particles are behaving in such a fantastic way, that it is hard to even imagine, are creating all sorts of acrobatics. Paintings are exploring the juxtaposition between movement and stasis. One representing the energy, power, force and the other representing the idealism, an image to strive to, an imagination that has no boundaries. It is a little bit of a game between ancient concepts of Apollo and Dionysus but this time instead of trying to gravitate or divert from one to another, the goal is to join the forces into one and conquer the enemy or a friend to each called - Time.

Sculptures are representing the movement deep down in the subconscious layers of the mind that wants to rise, higher and further than the materials and the physical reality around allows. They represent the Time itself as it observes the effect it has on space, stretching it, twisting it, playing with it and still respecting everything.

The mosaic comprised of 44 + 1 pieces divided in 2 times 22 represents an alphabet of concepts, philosophies, and ideas. They are directly inspired by Chinese characters, the fact that the mind in here has to work differently, much more visually represented compared to the languages used in the western world that are relying on sounds and concepts. I often wonder is more less or less is more. Our global trajectory as a part of the species on this planet seems to be that more is less when organized in a concise way, when the test of time puts a final test on the combinatorics of genetics. This alphabet is the combinatorics of philosophical ideas and concepts that impressed me throughout life and as they are presented in two colors, one set of 22 is a matter and another set is the antimatter, we are constantly alternating throughout our life between the two, extinguishing part of parts in the process. One drawing that is separate, represents the Stoicism and my fascination with futurism, standing still while the time moves. 

Today is also about a dream that describes my thinking processes during the creation of this collection:

I am wondering what is happening as I discover all the different options, alternatives for deeper meaning while living on this planet. Suddenly the planet is so small, I am looking at it as if it was a dot, then I realize, indeed it is a dot, it is smaller than dust, because the stars are the dust. They are so dense and yet far apart, standing in their dignity of distance. The space makes us respect things much more, maybe that is why it exists, the condition on living on this dot is always about space, time and gravity. We are bound to earth, but Earth isn’t bound to us, however, we will not be bound by it for much longer thanks to the organized thinking. We are on the way of self-sufficiency, technologically but psychologically we are still hanging in between the melancholic cry for the times past and the dreadful fear coming from the future or is it an excuse because we became lazy and fear change? We are all born the optimists but somehow on the way we become pessimists, I wonder how many wonderful ideas were killed by the pessimists. It is almost like the fuel of love gets exhausted and bitterness takes it’s place, is this something we should learn in school, if schools are to survive the technological revolution that we are all witnessing, as learning becomes ubiquitous thanks to internet and infinite possibilities a connection between two humans can bring.

Ultimately, we all love each other when we are born, as we make first steps into the world but then we sadly build the expectations of reciprocity and that usually ruins lives. Maybe the care of parents and those nearby are to blame for such a high expectation from the world. The measurements of care is a terrible thing but it is necessary because many are exploiting, not very genuine in their ways and that is why art comes in to the rescue, it is the only one that doesn’t measure, but gives the world of an artist, to the world, it is like a dust turned into a star turned into a meaningful thought. 


伊琳娜是出生于黑山共和国,祖上是白俄罗斯人。Irina Ideas出生于黑山,是一位多学科的艺术家,古典钢琴家和未来学家。她从小接受古典钢琴教育,15岁进入黑山大学音乐学院学习,之后又获得奖学金前往英国和美国跟随著名的钢琴家们学习。音乐之外,她也创作了一系列的陶土雕塑和布面丙烯油画。

15岁时,她就读于黑山大学音乐学院。她在Constantin Boginoa,Ruth Harte,Michael Schreider,Irina Ossipova,Leonid Kontorovski,Julian Jacobson,Fazliddin Husanov,William Fong,Andrew Haigh的指导下继续她的钢琴大师课程。她被大学录取为音乐表演学生。美国康涅狄格州布里奇波特,她在该大学每年的学习中获得总统优异奖学金。 2006年,她获得了爱尔兰都柏林皇家音乐学院的Maestro Jeno Jando大师班,并获得了奖学金。之后她在捷克共和国Zlate Hory的Antonin Kubalek(加拿大多伦多皇家音乐学院),Zdenek Hnat(Neuhaus的学生),Ivo Kahanek学习。在巴黎,她在Natalia Pavlova学习硕士课程。


她录制了几张CD,首先是黑山音乐学院的Studio,然后是法国巴黎的Blue Wave Studio,比利时的Andenne的Tempo Primo。

Irina Ideas is of a White Russian lineage, her branch of the family ended up in Montenegro where she was born, and raised but soon after became a world citizen. She began her piano studies at the age of 8 at Music Elementary State School in Niksic- Piano Major lasting 7 years completed with excellent success in 3.5 years at the age of 11. Then she continues her piano studies under tutelage of Vladimir Bockarjov, a pianist from Moscow. At the age of 15 she passed the entrance exams with highest scores at the University of Montenegro, Academy of Music where she was studying with Professor Boris Kraljevic for four years of with high distinction.

She continues her piano master courses under tutelage of Constantin Boginoa, Ruth Harte, Michael Schreider, Irina Ossipova, Leonid Kontorovski, Julian Jacobson, Fazliddin Husanov, William Fong, Andrew Haigh,.. Participant with awarded scholarship, patron John Lill, at North London Piano School in London, UK. She was participant with an awarded scholarship, patron Sir Colin Davis at Piano Course and The Alexander Technique, with Professor Nelly Ben-Or in London, UK 2005, 2006.In 2005 she was accepted as a Music Performance student at the University of Bridgeport, CT, USA where she was awarded a Presidential Merit Scholarship for every year of studies at this University. In 2006 she took master classes with Maestro Jeno Jando in Royal Academy of Music, Dublin, Ireland with awarded scholarship. After she studied under Antonin Kubalek (Royal Conservatory in Toronto, Canada) at Zlate Hory, Czech Republic, Zdenek Hnat(pupil of Neuhaus), Ivo Kahanek.In Paris she studied master course under Natalia Pavlova.

Her solo concerts and participations at numerous musical events began in 1992. She was awarded many diplomas and prizes from National and International Competitions. After she gave her first piano debut at the age of 13 with recital lasting 1 hour covering several epoch starting with Baroque toward Modern composers, she continued the pianistic career filled with competitions, concerts and recordings.

She received an invitation from the Italian Government for the participation in the “Cassino Luogo D’Europe” International Festival of Young Talents in Montecassino, Italy and earned a merit award for outstanding performance. In 2000 she won the “OMPA – 2000” annual award from the Youth Music Poetic Association of Montenegro as the youngest student with the exceptional results studying then already second year at the University of Montenegro, Department of Music. In 2001 she won First Prize (“Golden Lyre”) at the 28th Youth Music Festival of Montenegro (student category). She has performed a piano duo with internationally acclaimed pianist Pierre Feraux with whom she played concert in Abbey de Floreffe, Belgium 2005.

She recorded several CDs, starting with Studio of Music Academy, Montenegro,, then Blue Wave Studio in Paris, France, Tempo Primo, Andenne, Belgium.

She completed a number of courses and specializations in social sciences, arts and business, many of which with distinctions and excellence from the following universities: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, The World Bank, The University of Edinburgh, California Institute of the Arts.

Irina Ideas was multi-faceted in her attitude to arts from an early age and with wide range of interests throughout the education. A true Renaissance approach to the types of projects she later launched and made an impact, creating a mix of entrepreneurial, academical and creative ideas corresponding to the limitless possibilities that living in 21st Century brings. She founded International non-governmental organization with objectives to Ecological Preservation, Rural Development, Research, Education and Culture with specific focus on mountain region in order to create positive environmental influence.

She was always greatly inspired by technology and thus having herself taught to code, combined with design thinking and analytic approach to human psychology, as a result she founded various businesses and communities for investments, promotions of sustainable projects and consultancies both online and offline over the years.

She has made a collection of sculptures (water based clay) and numerous collections of paintings (acrylic on canvas), each of which is linked to a written study covering the themes of mythology, imaginary world, philosophy of life and futurism. The entire process of creation was live streamed over internet in more than 1000 live streams generating a massive audience that crosses the borders, sometimes the live streams would be exposing the painting processes to the audience of over 50.000k people worldwide. She has written and published many articles on philosophy, society, technology and art. Almost all written articles are available at www.ideasrex.com. It also documents all travels in written form called Traveloids and a large number of high aesthetic photographs, she specializes in landscapes as can be seen on instagram.com/ideasrex. Her artwork (acrylic on canvas) and photos are also published in many magazines around the world.

She is a member of the Past Preservers organization, which brings together experts and historians, artists and archaeologists who use modern technology to promote historically significant localities. She runs and writes for the website www.musebuz.com, which promotes and deepens the awareness of 20th-century artists and contemporary artists.

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