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Superstructuralism Network Exhibition

[2022-7-24 10:17:10]


Superstructuralism  Network Exhibition



主办:北京 上苑艺术馆


1、钟勤Qin Zhong

2、王建中Jianzhong Wang

3、李博Bo Li

4、王珑澔Longhao Wang

5、石祥宇Xiangyu Shi

6、刘柏林Bailin Liu

7、詹明昭Mingzhao Zhan

8Josh Gibbs 乔治·吉布斯

9、韦少东Shaodong Wei


11、王小冬Xiaodong Wang

12、郑志岩Zhiyan Zheng


14、王毅Yi Wang

15、王俊鹏Junpeng Wang


17、赵莹Ying Zhao

18、叶军Jun Ye

19、苏中菲Zhongfei Su

20、刘东路Donglu Liu



23、蓝京华Jinghua Lan

24、罗应龙Yinglong Luo

25、秦姣姣Jiaojiao Qin

26、凌惠华Huihua Ling

27、周日升Risheng Zhou

28Goran STAKIC 戈兰·斯塔凯克

29Endika Ruiz 恩迪卡·鲁伊斯

30、曲小哼Xiaoheng Qu

31、程毅Yi Cheng

32、秦韦赛Weisai Qin


34、朱鲲Kun Zhu

35、王令怡Lingyi Wang

36、杜志阳Zhiyang Du

37、冯开兰Kailan Feng

38、胡人伟Renwei Hu

39、李蕤Rui Li

40、李天恩Tianen Li


42、梁治远Zhiyuan Liang

43、卢凤才Fengcai Lu

44、滕锋Feng Teng

45、滕亚红Yahong Teng

46、邢昊Hao Xing

47、徐宏雁Hongyan Xu

48、古洪强Hongqiang Gu

49、张志刚Zhigang Zhang

50、汤军Jun Tang


一、序 Preface


1、以往的艺术与群展 The art and group exhibition in the past


All the art in the past is the exploration and gaze of space-time. But they are aimed at usual space-time.



       All the art in the past and their aesthetics are nothing more than measuring our usual space-time from different angles. They are always trying to express the space-time we live in, whether realistic or surreal, whether rich in content or mainly in form, wavering between people and scenery, and tangled between concrete and abstract.



Based on the above comments, we can see that the existing group exhibition is just a hodgepodge under one theme.Therefore, some group exhibitions show their characteristics by age, some write a seemingly academic interpretation of the theme, and others can only call themselves joint exhibitions. These are just the mixing of each artist’s independent personality


2、超结构主义群展的含义 The meaning of Superstructuralism group exhibition


       Since the birth of quantum mechanics a hundred years ago, the basic theory of the world has hardly been updated. Superstructuralism sends out the ultimate imagination of the world based on cognitive experience. It can be multispace-time juxtaposition, space-time interleaving, parallel universe, virtual space-time, dark space-time, ten dimensional space and so on.



       At this time, it is necessary to give play to the space-time experience of each artist, and to interpret Superstructuralism with group imagination. Therefore, group exhibition can be said to be the first step in the practice of Superstructuralism.


3、内容与形式 Content and form


        The forms of this group exhibition include painting, devices, photography, mobile phone painting, digital painting, film, video, animation poem and concept experiment. Different artists have different understandings of time-space and super time-space, presenting a feast of multimedia ideas. This is exactly the expectation of Superstructuralism, waiting for the continuous emergence of new space-time concepts.



作品 Works



钟勤  Qin Zhong


      钟勤   独立艺术家,紧跟科技时代潮流,用新科技和新材料进行艺术创作。担任佳能公司摄影现场活动专家多年。2007年受瑞士LICHT FELD画廊邀请参加巴塞尔国际展览,并多次参加该画廊组织的瑞士和法国展览。

      Qin Zhong Independent artistsfollow the trend of the technology era and create art with new technology and new materials. He has been an expert in Canon photography field activities for many years. In 2007, he was invited by Licht feld Gallery in Switzerland to participate in the Basel international exhibition, and has participated in the Swiss and French exhibitions organized by the gallery for many times.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


        The series of photography of "walking through history" (the following three pictures) was created during my residence in the museum this year. Using contemporary techniques, the ancient architectural pictures are processed into wavy lines, symbolizing the revival of architectural space-time. Shuttling to the ancient space with the current concept to have a dialogue with the ancients, thus forming scenes of historical stories to be displayed in front of the viewer.




《走过历史》之紫禁城(一) 数码照片

Through history: the Forbidden City (I)   digital photos



      This works deals with the scene of the Forbidden City Square by means of deformation and low stand, and integrates the walking state of a tourist into it. The thick earth and rock occupy the viewer’s vision, which is the accumulation of history. Therefore, realistic space-time and historical space-time are intertwined to form the power of meditation.




《走过历史》之紫禁城(五) 数码照片

Through history: the Forbidden City (V)   digital photos



      The main content of this works is composed of red steps outside the main hall and stone carved balustrades. A woman dressed as an aristocrat in the Qing Dynasty stood on the stone steps, weeping like a whistle. Its situation is in line with the wavy space, forming an emotional wavy world.




《走过历史》之长城(四) 数码照片

Through history: the Great Wall (IV)   digital photos



        The deformation of the beacon tower of the Great Wall is the spiritual expression of its desire to break away from the inherent structure perched on Yanshan mountain.




Qin Zhong made a dramatic interpretation of classic architectural spaces such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall with simple and interesting deformation techniques, but he roared "no" to daily space and time.




王建中  Jianzhong Wang



王建中(王中)  1966年生于河北栾城,先后就读于华北石油教育学院、河北师范大学美术学院、中国美术家协会油画研修班。河北省美术家协会理事,河北省美术家协会策展委员会副主任,河北油画学会常务理事,中国石油美术家协会常务理事,中国意象油画研究会会员,中国工业版画研究院研究员,河北画院版画院研究员,河北工业版画研究院副秘书长,沧州油画学会副主席,沧州画院油画院副院长,华北油田美术家协会副主席兼秘书长。

Jianzhong WangZhong Wang  Born in Luancheng, Hebei Province in 1966, he studied at North China Institute of petroleum education, the Academy of fine arts of Hebei Normal University, and the oil painting seminar of the Chinese Artists Association. Director of Hebei Artists Association, deputy director of the exhibition planning committee of Hebei Artists Association, executive director of Hebei oil painting society, executive director of China Petroleum Artists Association, member of China Image Oil Painting Research Association, researcher of China Industrial printmaking Research Institute, researcher of Hebei printmaking Academy, Deputy Secretary General of Hebei Industrial Printmaking Research Institute, vice chairman of Cangzhou oil painting society, vice president of Cangzhou oil painting Academy, Vice president and Secretary General of North China Oilfield Artists Association.




《进化系列之二》 布面油画,140x110cm

Evolution Series II     cloth oil painting



A milky frog with human hands, feet and teeth stands on the roof of the city in such an abrupt image with a smile on his face. Is it frog evolution or human evolution? But undoubtedly, it is the evolution of time accumulation.




《异化系列之五》 布面油画,150x200cm

Alienation Series V        cloth oil painting



When the giant locusts gallop on the viaduct in Shanghai, people cannot help thinking of the science fiction film "the rise of the scarlet ball". This is the alienation of biology and space-time. That is, the invisible scene in daily space and time has appeared, which has also transformed space and time itself.




Wang Jianzhong’s works "Evolution Series" and "alienation series" both take animals as the main characters to show a strange scene. They are not only the evolution and alienation of animals or their metaphorical society, but also the evolution and alienation of daily space and time. Thus, a superstructural relationship is built between animals, society and time and space.





李博  Bo Li



李博  2009年毕业于鲁迅美术学院油画系一工作室,获硕士学位。2009年任教于吉林动画学院,2015年参加北京上苑艺术馆国际艺术家驻留计划。

     Bo Li  Graduated from the oil painting Department studio 1 of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in 2009. He taught in Jilin animation Institute in 2009 and participated in the international artist residence program of Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum in 2015.




《悲剧的诞生》 布面油画,200x160cm2021

The birth of tragedy     cloth oil painting



Several workers are carrying the statue of Venus in the workshop. The scene itself is very strange. The gray age, the lost place and the normal operation all remind us that this is a disordered space-time.




《冥河暗渡》 布面油画,200x160cm2021

Dark crossing of the Styx River     cloth oil painting



Wildebeest was attacked by crocodiles, but the background was a large factory. Here, we can see the shadow of surrealism, but I still understand it as superstructure. Because it is not so much a scene in a dream as a rational intersection of space- time.




《月是故乡明》 布面油画,100x80cm2021

Moon is bright in hometown     cloth oil painting



The symbol of white astronaut generally symbolizes outer space, which will appear many times in the works of other artists in the future. At this time, he was sitting in a corner of the abandoned factory reading something, and the recorder beside him seemed to be playing silent music. It doesn’t matter whether this is a corner of outer space or somewhere on earth.




Li Bo’s paintings are full of philosophical thoughts of the intersection of time and space. Whether Venus, wildebeest or astronauts, they are asking vividly: is the ordinary world worth visiting 10000 times? If the unusual world has been here a hundred times, will it also become an ordinary world?



Venus came to the factory, and the factory became a little unusual. What is the source of this experience. Wildebeest was attacked by crocodiles, which turned the surging flood in the industrial area into a river on the African grassland. How did this strangeness happen. The astronaut landed in the shabby corner of the factory, as if there was unexpected anger. How is this possible. In fact, all this stems from our experience, knowledge and memory of time and space.




王珑澔  Longhao Wang



王珑澔 提出科学与艺术精神实验性创作理论。四川美术学院油画专业毕业,天津美术学院油画高研班结业,中国当代艺术联盟精神艺术学会会长,中国人民网学术委员会委员,现代管理大学艺术研究员,中国佛教艺术书画院院士,重庆市美术家协会会员。

     Longhao Wang  Put forward the "experimental creation theory of scientific and artistic spirit". Graduated from Sichuan Academy of fine arts majoring in oil painting, graduated from the oil painting advanced research class of Tianjin Academy of fine arts, President of the Spiritual Art Society of China Contemporary Art Federation, member of the academic committee of China People’s network, art researcher of modern management university, academician of China Buddhist art calligraphy and painting Academy, and member of Chongqing Artists Association.





Wang Longhao’s works



    This work cloud the classical scenes, making several daily scenes into fairyland. In fact, Wonderland is just a substitute for non empirical space-time.





Wang Longhao’s works



       In this "fairyland", we can see strange figures such as pandas, Buddha and naked women drinking a river together, and we can also feel a strange atmosphere from it. This has some similarities with Li Bo’s previous works, but it is more bizarre and extreme.




Wang Longshu’s works pick up the demonic nature in the composition of traditional Chinese painting, expand the space-time of Chinese painting, extend it to the realm of gods and demons, and expand it beyond the daily space-time, so that we can appreciate more and deeper connotations.




石祥宇  Xiangyu Shi



石祥宇 贵州省瓮安县人,毕业于西安美术学院中国画系之陈国勇工作室。

    Xiangyu Shi  A native of Weng’an county, Guizhou Province, graduated from the Chen Guoyong studio of the Chinese Painting Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.




《夜郎国-古歌26-甫方撑天2-夜郎国》 布面丙烯,软片,40x80cm2018

Yelang country - Ancient Song 26 - Fu Fang supporting the sky 2 - Yelang country        cloth acrylic




《夜郎国-夜郎01 纸本水墨,软片,178x288cm2015

Yelang Kingdom - Yelang 01       paper ink




《夜郎国-夜郎05 纸本水墨,软片,178x192cm2021

Yelang Kingdom - Yelang 05      paper ink




     Shi Xiangyu’s ink painting works give a contemporary interpretation of the ancient national legends of his hometown with the experience of life. Obviously, he also combed and reconstructed the ancient legends and their gods and monsters through his own works and ideas, and also constructed a new space-time. In terms of space, it is infinite; In terms of time, it is uncertain.




刘柏林  Bailin Liu



刘柏林 湖南人。热爱绘画,热爱艺术,热爱生活。

Bailin Liu  From Hunan. Love painting, art and life.





Liu Bailin’s paper works





Liu Bailin’s paper works





Liu Bailin’s paper works





Liu Bailin’s paper works




In Liu Bailin’s works, you may see the shadow of Escher. However, compared with the low artistry of Escher’s paintings, Liu Bailin’s works are more artistic.



      The world in his works is at least five-dimensional, with all kinds of strange characters, animals and gods and monsters. They are related to each other through various channels, or they are not related to each other, but they can coexist harmoniously in a world full of spatial conflicts.




詹明昭  Mingzhao Zhan



詹明昭  1992年生于福建泉州,2010年至今工作生活于北京。个展:2018年,简灵詹明昭个展,北京上苑艺术馆。

Mingzhao Zhan  Born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province in 1992. He has worked and lived in Beijing since 2010. Solo exhibition: in 2018, Simple soul-Zhan Mingzhao solo exhibition in Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum.

B612 布面丙烯,60x80cm2022

B612        cloth acrylic




       The symbol of cloud always appears in Zhan Mingzhao’s works. This time the cloud appeared on the astronaut’s face, or that was his face. There are fish floating above the astronauts’ heads, and several stars are faintly visible in the distance. There is a flower in the glass cover in the astronauts’ hands, like a cloud in his headgear. These things together constitute a new world, that is, an unspeakable mysterious realm.




Josh Gibbs  乔治·吉布斯



    Josh Gibbs  Graduating from Leeds Art University in 2011, Josh Gibbs is a multidisciplinary artist from England who currently works with the medium of collage, digital photomontage blended with creative zine writing. He has undertaken art residencies and taken part in exhibitions across England, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, USA and China.

     乔什·吉布斯  2011年毕业于利兹艺术大学,是一名来自英国的多学科艺术家,目前以拼贴、数字照片和创造性写作相结合的方式工作。他曾在英国、爱尔兰、西班牙、立陶宛、美国和中国做艺术驻留并参加展览。


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation

Traversing cities and the recollection of such experiences are essentially a reflection of collage both in terms of its creation and spectacle. One tries to gain their awareness of a city’s infrastructural network, attempting to amass practical objective knowledge in order to function, while simultaneously immersing themselves in its more mysterious, anamorphic lore formed by nature and collective subjective consciousness. In this complex and perplexing development, perception and recollection of a city as a series of images inevitably becomes fragmented and so in order to reflect and consolidate something close to a full vision one must engage in a piecing together process using fractured memories and vignetted snapshots.





Huashiying Pockets 3 , collage on soft lens card, 38x38cm, 2020

《化石营袋子》之三 软镜片卡上的拼贴





Huashiying Pockets 7  ,  collage on soft lens card, 38x38cm, 2020

《化石营袋子》之七 软镜片卡上的拼贴





Huashiying Pockets 8 ,  collage on soft lens card, 38x38cm, 2020

《化石营袋子》之八 软镜片卡上的拼贴



Josh·Gibbs’ work is reminiscent of a Hugo prize winning science fiction "folding Beijing". It is another kind of folding to collage a corner or fragment of Beijing on the traditional circular picture of China. This is a folding of daily time and space, reminiscent of the dream maker played by Eliot page in the movie inception. And this is also creating a new time and space, that is, Beijing in the heart.





韦少东  Shaodong Wei



韦少东  1971年生于中国广西,1996年毕业于广西艺术学院中国画专业,1999年结业于首都师范大学美术系油画助教研修班,2020年中央美术学院访问学者。

      Shaodong Wei  Born in 1971 in Guangxi, China. He graduated from Guangxi Academy of art in 1996, majored in Chinese painting, and graduated from the oil painting assistant seminar of the Department of fine arts of Capital Normal University in 1999. He was a visiting scholar of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2020.





Wei Shaodong’s paper ink works





Wei Shaodong’s paper ink works





Wei Shaodong’s paper ink works




Wei Shaodong’s paper ink works




Wei Shaodong deformed the landscape to make it coexist with geometric figures. In this way, there will be wonders in space. The waves are stopped at the edge of the line segment, but the mountains rise from the plane. The new composition spreads out little by little, crushing the traditional Chinese painting routine.




炫名  Xuanming



炫名  创立密码主义艺术形式。将数学与密码融入作品中,编织出探索科技、社会、人生与哲学的一座座迷宫。至今已在国内外举办过七次个展及其它艺术活动。

    Xuanming  Create the art form of Cypherlism. Mathematics and cypher are integrated into the works to weave mazes to explore technology, society, life and philosophy. So far, it has held 7 solo exhibitions and other art activities at home and abroad.




《禁欲》  60x80cm2019.12.27

The forbidden desire




《规则与监控》  50x50cm2020.08.11

Order and monitor





《差异与融合》  50x50cm2020.08.22

Differ and merge




Xuanming’s works of Cypherlism not only makes the audience feel mysterious, but also brings them some shocking power. It is also the metaphor produced by mathematics that makes it have the meaning of transcending the existing space-time.




王小冬  Xiaodong Wang



王小冬  中国美院油画系一工研修班,南京艺术学院美术系油画专业,现生活工作于北京。个展:黑夜给了我黑色的眼睛(上苑艺术馆)。

      Xiaodong Wang  First seminar in the oil painting Department of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting in the Department of fine arts of Nanjing Academy of art. He now lives and works in Beijing. Solo exhibition: dark night gives me black eyes (Shangyuan Art Museum).




《远方》 布面油画,60x50cm2021

Far away       cloth oil painting



In this metaphorical picture, the blue sky and flowers in the mind are the new world, which is also the reaction of ordinary people to plain reality.




郑志岩 Zhiyan Zheng



郑志岩  1969年生于辽宁省鞍山市。2001年毕业于东北师范大学美术系油画专业,2006年结业于中国艺术研究院油画创作研究生课程班。现居北京。

Zhiyan Zheng  Born in Anshan, Liaoning Province in 1969. He graduated from the Department of fine arts of Northeast Normal University in 2001, majored in oil painting, and graduated from the graduate course of oil painting creation of China Academy of art in 2006. He now lives in Beijing.





Zheng Zhiyan’s works



The old porcelain jar is full of sense of time, bearing the memory of China in the past. It seems hard to swim alone. Then there is a dragon rising from the water. In connection with the words "develop sports and enhance people’s physique" on the porcelain jar, we can understand that the jar of water is actually a dream, that is, it constitutes a superstructure about dreams.




达达  Dada·Shang



达达·  作家,摄影师,现居北美。

Dada·Shang  Writer and photographerlives in North America.




《镜中阁》 摄影作品

Pavilion in the mirror    photography


This works creates a ghosting effect with a blurred lens, so it leaves the original situation.




《网》 摄影作品

Net     photography


Hanging on the dewy cobwebs seemed to be people of various postures, who were crossing.




Dada·Shang’s photography works can always find some small lucky details in turning a blind eye. The above two works are no longer small indeed lucky, but a question of habitualness, that is, whether the platform 9 and 3/4 in King’s Cross station in London can be seen in the virtual shadow or virtual network.




王毅  Yi Wang



王毅  1987年生于四川青神,2016年四川大学艺术学院艺术硕士。

Yi Wang  Born in Qingshen, Sichuan Province in 1987, and received a master of Arts from the art college of Sichuan University in 2016.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Some things are silent, inexplicably come, inexplicably go, like ghosts, like angels, dormant in the corner, insight into the sky, retreat in front of the lights, and self in silence. Such existence is often ignored, but it always fascinates me.



《马拉之手》No.1 布面综合材料,88x65cm2015

"Mala’s hand"No.1        cloth comprehensive material




It doesn’t matter whether the Mala’s hand is a human hand or an animal’s claw. What is important is that this hand breaks through the picture and presents an impulse that continues to evolve in time and space.




王俊鹏  Junpeng Wang



王俊鹏  2018年上苑艺术馆驻留诗人。

Junpeng Wang  Resident poet of Shangyuan Art Museum in 2018.





Wang Junpeng’s poetry works





Wang Junpeng’s poetry works




Wang Junpeng’s three-dimensional poetry is a breakthrough in the inherent poetic style, trying to establish a new relationship between time and space, not only for readers, but also for the content itself.




弑骨  Shigu


弑骨  本名李明,1982年生,哈尔滨人。刀名弑骨,在宋庄创办弑骨工作室


Shigu  Real name is Li Ming. He was born in Harbin in 1982. The name of the knife is Shigu, and the " Shigu studio" was founded in Songzhuang. Independent artist, engaged in easel painting and hand carving for many years. Currently living in Canada.





Shigu’s works



The works of Shigu seems to be a pile of color blocks, but it is actually an expansion of space. The geometric blocks gather together, as if space-time are growing.




赵莹  Ying Zhao



赵莹 1980年生于河北省唐山市,2003年毕业于河北师范大学美术学院国画系,现任教于华北理工大学艺术学院绘画系。

Ying Zhao  Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province in 1980. He graduated from the Department of Chinese painting of the fine arts Academy of Hebei Normal University in 2003. He currently teaches in the Department of painting of the artistic Academy of North China Polytechnic University.





Zhao Ying’s ink works




Zhao Ying’s paintings are similar to those of bone killing. There are a variety of books, as well as imaginary Book Worlds.




叶军  Jun Ye



叶军  1974年生于北京,1997年毕业于天津美术学院版画系,获学士学位。2017年毕业于北京大学光华管理学院,获硕士学位。二十年来致力于东方深度精神当代表现形式的视觉研究与创作。居住于北京。

Jun Ye  Born in Beijing in 1974. He graduated from the printmaking Department of Tianjin Academy of fine arts with a bachelor’s degree in 1997. He graduated from Guanghua Management Academy of Peking University with a master’s degree in 2017. For 20 years, he has been committed to the visual research and creation of contemporary forms of expression of the Oriental deep spirit. Live in Beijing.



《美格丽》  动画 

 Megeli    animation




Ye Jun’s animation changes on different levels of paintings, which not only records the creative process, but also presents a strange deep structure. With only one "megeli" as the accompaniment, the deep structure is more treacherous, thus bursting out the vitality of the superstructure.




苏中菲  Zhongfei Su



苏中菲  自由画家。1986年毕业于安徽师范大学音乐系,2006年就读北京大学EMBA哲学研修班,2019为法国书法家协会成员。现居住北京。

Zhongfei Su  Freelance painter. Graduated from the Music Department of Anhui Normal University in 1986, attended the EMBA philosophy seminar of Peking University in 2006, and became a member of the French Calligrapher Association in 2019. Now living in Beijing.




《命运交响曲》之一 纸本水墨丙烯,70x140cm2022

"Symphony of fate"01      paper ink acrylic



This works is painted with music, and the obvious musical symbols are transformed into flower bands. The musicality and color tonality resonate. Obviously, this work tends to pull two-dimensional space into one-dimensional space, which is another exploration direction to break away from daily space-time.



《命运交响曲》之二 纸本水墨丙烯,70x140cm2022

"Symphony of fate"02     paper ink acrylic



《变奏曲》 纸本水墨丙烯,70x140cm2022

Variations      paper ink acrylic



《昇》 纸本水墨,90x180cm2021

Ascend         paper ink



You can see several bubble like objects moving. If you think of them as small closed universes, you can’t help it.




Su Zhongfei’s paintings are obviously musical, which is a new exploration of the super space-time structure, that is, to control the picture with musicality, thereby creating a certain tonality. Such a world is certainly different from the inertial system we are in, but a space-time with one-dimensional tonality, which is similar to the universe generated by the vibration of strings.




刘东路  Donglu Liu



刘东路  1972年生于广西柳州,1994年毕业于广西艺术学院美术系,19971999年就读于天津美术学院油画系助教研修班。现工作、生活于北京、广西。

Donglu Liu  Born in Liuzhou, Guangxi in 1972. He graduated from the Department of fine arts of Guangxi Academy of art in 1994 and studied in the teaching assistant seminar of Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts from 1997 to 1999. Now he works and lives in Beijing and Guangxi.




《从荔子碑到区块链》 综合材料装置,尺寸可变,2022

From Litchi monument to blockchain comprehensive material device, variable size





Happy of swimming fish comprehensive material device, variable size




The black tone device system of Liudong road is composed of multiple material units, which are interconnected and annotated, that is, intertextuality. The device needs to occupy a certain space, which means it has the scalability of space and even time. Just like the expansion of the universe, the device system can also expand around and spread towards mountains, rivers and forests, while the relationship between its units remains unchanged.




莫籽  Mos



莫籽  银河系狂想症患者,独立艺术家。

Mos  Galactic paranoid patients, independent artist.




CaOh01 数码绘画,2022

"CaOh"01       digital painting




 CaOh02 数码绘画,2022

"CaOh"02     digital painting




The picture of "CaOh" is mainly composed of little people and a spaceship as cute as half a watermelon. Little people sit alone or hug one person, which is extremely simple. The spaceship is also a minimalist style. It seems that there are only two buttons: run and stop. If you look carefully, you will find that it is also a face. It can be said that the spacecraft is another ego of the little man. Thus, the villain and the spacecraft form a self closed system, which can travel in any space or ocean.



琼芯  Qiongxin



琼芯  独立影视制作人。2015年毕业于中国电影集团进修学院编剧导演专业。

Qiongxin  Independent film and television producer. In 2015, she graduated from China Film Group advanced studies college, majoring in screenwriting & directing.


Soul film exhibition poster

灵魂影展》 电影短片

Soul film exhibition    short film




The short film "soul film exhibition" tells a sad love story. The hero and heroine are separated by Yin and Yang, or live in different parallel universes. The only connection between them is the amber. Amber seems to be the hub of two universes, or there are two amber in quantum entanglement.This is the key of this film.



蓝京华  Jinghua Lan



蓝京华  1970年出生,毕业于华南师范大学,结业于中央美术学院。自由职业艺术家,现居北京。

Jinghua Lan  Born in 1970, graduated from South China Normal University and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Freelance artist, now living in Beijing.




《锈时代》之一 布面丙烯,250x200cm2016

"Rust age"01      cloth acrylic




《锈时代》之二 布面丙烯,250x200cm2016

"Rust age"02     cloth acrylic




Lan Jinghua’s "Rust age" introduces temporality into the picture, just as Su Zhongfei introduced musicality into his paintings. No matter what the content is, rust itself is a new dimension. The audience gets new enlightenment from this, and commentators can also find new perspectives. For superstructure, such a rust dimension is just a new growth point.




 罗应龙  Yinglong Luo



罗应龙  1974年生于四川省。1995年毕业于四川美术学院油画系。现为职业画家。

Yinglong Luo  Born in Sichuan Province in 1974. Graduated from the oil painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. He is now a professional painter.




《境》 80x60cm






《鱼》 60x80 cm





Apart from dazzling colors and weird composition, Luo Yinglong’s works also have unspeakable tension. This tension is actually a kind of vitality, that is, it bursts out of color and composition, and then falls into the viewer’s heart. Vitality itself is to constantly break through ourselves, break through the existing space and time, and rush to a broader world. This is the origin of the big blast of universe.




 秦姣姣  Jiaojiao Qin



秦姣姣  1984年出生于湖北浠水,2007年毕业于佳木斯大学美术学院,20072010年生活于798艺术区和宋庄,2019年、2021年作为驻留艺术家入驻上苑艺术馆并参与国际创作计划,2021年作为签约艺术家入驻Artand艺术品交易平台。现居广州。

Jiaojiao Qin Born in Xishui, Hubei Province in 1984 and graduated from the Academy of fine arts of Jiamusi University in 2007. From 2007 to 2010, she lived in 798 Art District and Songzhuang. In 2019 and 2021, she entered Shangyuan Art Museum as a resident artist and participated in the international creation program. In 2021, she entered art and art trading platform as a contracted artist. Now lives in Guangzhou.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


"Body orientation", a painting theme that belongs to me, always has my ambition. I believe that the cells in the body are like thousands of troops, which form a new human structure according to their will in the order of life (it’s not impossible to call it the soul structure). They have built various bridges, channels and storage rooms, allowing nerve endings to grow and release freely, allowing us to look back at our less than two square meters of body in reality, so as to follow the direction of our body into another self world. We no longer worry, slowly relax, no longer afraid of loss and extinction, and breathe a sense of "freedom" with fish like cells. We no longer feel powerless, but follow the cells to reach every corner and smooth those silted parts. Most of the time, we squeeze our bodies without guilt. At this moment, we may have to stop   connecting with the external world, listen to the body whisper, and follow it to a more benign and purer place to place the unique and short-lived self.





"Body orientation" 01





"Body orientation" 02





"Body orientation" 03




Qin Jiaojiao’s "body direction" series is to knead all kinds of entangled bodies together, so that they intersect, connect, crisscross and cover each other. In this way, the two-dimensional plane in the picture and the three-dimensional space it represents look extremely distorted, which shows the intention to squeeze out the inherent dimension.




凌惠华  Huihua Ling



凌惠华 1987年生于江苏沭阳。2011年毕业于四川美术学院版画系,获学士学位。现为自由艺术家,居于北京。

Huihua Ling  Born in Shuyang, Jiangsu Province in 1987. Graduated from the print Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in 2011. Now a freelance artist living in Beijing.



X悖论》 布面油画,80x90cm2021

X paradox     cloth oil painting





《四面楚歌》 布面油画,165x165cm2012

Be besieged on all sides    cloth oil painting




《无限的有限局限》06 布面油画,120x100cm2017

"Infinite finite limitations" 06     cloth oil painting




《一厘米》03 布面油画,160x120cm2015-2016

"One centimeter" 03     cloth oil painting





《哲学家》之四 布面油画,80x110cm2011-2012

"Philosopher" 04      cloth oil painting





《使者2 布面油画,100x100cm2020

"Messenger2"      cloth oil painting




Ling Huihua’s works are similar to Qin Jiaojiao’s "body orientation" and even Luo Yinglong’s paintings in that they are using color patches and decent combinations to show what. The difference is that he is not only more concise and lively, but also speculative. Obviously, he was influenced or inspired by Mondrian and even Miro, but he got rid of Miro’s lovely wind and Mondrian’s lattice constraints and rushed to an open universe.



This open universe can no longer be described by dimensions, but by a generative principle or law. Even a two-dimensional plane can embody such principles and rules, so it is possible that super ten-dimensions can be generated from it.




周日升  Risheng Zhou



周日升 半吊子农民,半吊子艺术家,半吊子玄学书生。

Risheng Zhou  Half farmer, half artist, half metaphysical scholar.





mobile phone painting of Zhou Risheng





mobile phone painting of Zhou Risheng





mobile phone painting of Zhou Risheng




In the leisure time of the household farming, Zhou Risheng created paintings full of "exotic customs" with his mobile phone. The "exotic style" here, of course, refers to the space opposite the land. In fact, on Mars, there are also uncultivated farmland. The science fiction movie "Mars rescue" is about planting potatoes on Mars. Zhou Risheng is planting Mars on mobile phone.




Goran STAKIC  戈兰·斯塔凯克



Goran STAKIC  Born in 1968 in Serbia. He had many solo and group exhibitions: Belgrade,New York,Paris,Beijing ,Binzhou. His works is about feeling of peacefulness which we have when we are by water landscapes.

戈兰·斯塔凯克  1968年生于塞尔维亚。在贝尔格莱德、纽约、巴黎、北京、滨州等地举办了个展或群展。其参展作品表现的是水边看风景时所感受到的宁静。


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation

ART WORK RECYCLING. The Painting ’’A WATER TIGER’S SCANNING’’ (2022), obtained by the recycling of the painting ’’Waterscape-THE FEELING OF PEACEFULNESS’’ (2007).



The shortening of duration of attractiveness of many other things also applies to artwork. There exists a possibility to leave the artwork the same, to remake it or recycle it.



Recycling, in addition to changing the name of the work, also refers to recognizing and emphasizing new values of the painting in order to change the perceptions of observers.The work visually remains the same.





WATER TIGER SCANNING , oil on canvas, 140x100cm, 2022

《水老虎的扫描》 布面油画




In addition to making people feel calm, STAKLC’s painting can also feel countless crosses coming face-to-face. The most familiar scenes often contain mysterious connotations, which move people’s hearts in flashing moments.




Endika Ruiz  恩迪卡·鲁伊斯



Endika Ruiz  (Basque Country, Spain 1995) is a painting artist. He has studied Fine Arts Degree and Mastered Painting Degree at the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU), which gives him the opportunity to focus on this medium, while enjoying art residency programs such as the “EYE OF THE WORLD Artistic and Cultural Exchange Scholarship, DISCOVERY OF CHONGQING” at SiChuan Fine Arts Institute, China (2019). The material he uses to make and produce a result is Drawing, Painting and Paper Collage. He currently lives in Bilbao, working his own creative career and production in his personal studio.

恩迪卡·鲁伊斯  1995年生于西班牙巴斯克郡,是一位绘画艺术家。他在巴斯克大学攻读美术专业并获绘画硕士学位。这使他有机会专注于这一媒介,同时在中国四川美术学院(2019年)享受艺术驻留计划,包括世界艺术与文化交流之眼奖学金——发现重庆。他的艺术创作方式包括素描、绘画和纸拼贴。他目前住在毕尔巴鄂,在其个人工作室不懈创作。





Endika Ruiz’s works



Ruiz’s Collage is a little like George Gibbs, but more wild. Colorful, Chinese characters looming. It can be seen from it that it is imbued with Chinese culture, and the Chinese characters have been deformed, making it more like the cascading buildings in the city, which has a contemporary character and a sense of superstructure.





曲小哼  Xiaoheng Qu



曲小哼  生于山东青岛。自由插画师、艺术创作者。

Xiaoheng Qu  Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province. She is a freelance illustrator and art creator.



《迷宫》 色粉,38x54cm

Labyrinth     toner




The colors in the maze are so charming, but it’s hard to hide the charming shapes. They are either bionic, abstract, repetitive, or implicit. Although it is only less than a quarter of a square meter, it can create infinite combinations, just like the six basic particle quarks that make up the world we see.




程毅  Yi Cheng



程毅  1981年生于四川达州。2009年毕业于四川美术学院油画系,获硕士学位。致公党党员,致公党成都市委会海外联络委员会委员。中国美协会员,四川美协会员,四川致公画院副秘书长,四川当代油画院专职艺术家,四川油画学会会员。

Yi Cheng  Born in Dazhou, Sichuan in 1981. He graduated from the oil painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 with a master’s degree. Member of the Zhigong party, member of the overseas liaison committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Zhigong party. Member of China Artists Association, member of Sichuan Artists Association, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Zhigong painting Academy, full-time artist of Sichuan contemporary oil painting Academy, member of Sichuan oil painting society.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Daily speech is a part of our experience reality. When we break away from daily speech and enter the creation of the perception of pure speech, we will have a speech impulse. Once this impulse reaches a certain point, we will enter the free system of language. It is infinitely pure and will force us to examine and test the reality of daily speech. If an artist can sink into this state, he will create a language form of enlightenment and meditation, pursue the realm in which words cannot express all one intends to say. Freedom, between intentional and unintentional! So great form is beyond shape.




《无相之似象》020618 布面绘画,150x200cm2017-2018

"Similitude of invisibility" 020618      cloth painting





《无相之似象》030618 布面绘画,150x200cm2017-2018

"Similitude of invisibility" 030618     cloth painting




《无相之似象》20200828 纸面绘画,80x27cm2020

"Similitude of invisibility" 20200828     paper painting




《无相之似象》20200829 纸面绘画,80x55cm2020

"Similitude of invisibility" 20200829     paper painting




Cheng Yi’s "Similitude of invisibility" is the derivative image of countless thin strings, which can also be said to have only one. This is quite similar to the superstring theory, but the string is generated by the heart, that is, everything is generated by one string.




秦韦赛  Weisai Qin



秦韦赛  1989年出生于河北石家庄,20082013年本科就读于天津美术学院雕塑系,20142015年师从于著名雕塑家田世信,20152018年研究生就读于天津美术学院雕塑系。

Weisai Qin  Born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in 1989. From 2008 to 2013, he studied in the Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy of fine arts as a bachelor. From 2014 to 2015, he studied under the famous sculptor Tian Shixin. From 2015 to 2018, he studied in the Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts as a graduate student.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Corbusier put forward the idea that "houses are living machines" in Towards New Buildings. In this era of rampant epidemic, we live in the supreme house of spirit, coming and monitoring all corners of the world. Roles change at any time, and have a seemingly indistinct connection with the world. With the help of the richness of the virtual network world, this sculpture is just like our fingers constantly sliding and turning pages on the mobile phone screen every day, and our spirit keeps drifting, judging and addicting. Are these really related to us? How should we deal with the relationship between reality and illusion?




《降临》 数字雕塑,材质可变,尺寸可变

Coming digital sculpture , variable material and size




《降临》 数字雕塑,材质可变,尺寸可变

Coming  , digital sculpture , variable material and size



降临》 视频效果

Coming , video effect




Qin weisai’s digital sculptures are quite postmodern, both practical and stylish. From the practical point of view, it can live and fly. From the perspective of Rafale, it can be understood as an alien spacecraft, but also can be said to be the externalization of an independent mind.




大鸟  Bigbird



大鸟 1981年生,山西文水人。毕业于山西师范大学美术教育专业,从事绘画、行为、摄影、诗歌创作。

Bigbird  Born in Wenshui, Shanxi Province in 1981. Graduated from Shanxi Normal University, majoring in art education, engaged in creation of painting, behavior, photography and poetry.





Bigbird digital works




Bigbird’s digital works echo Ruiz’s collage from afar, both of which are interpretations of modernity, but Bigbird uses the traditional way of Nine-squares. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the content is, it’s a random choice. And the Nine-squares is the author’s way and structure of looking at things.




朱鲲  Kun Zhu



朱鲲(朱连芳)  1961年生于吉林省长春市。1984年毕业于长春教育学院。国家一级美术师,唯象画派创始人,广厦艺术街入驻艺术家,中国艺术平台艺术顾问,国际抽象艺术家联盟艺术顾问。

Kun Zhu(Lianfang Zhu)  Born in Changchun, Jilin Province in 1961. Graduated from Changchun Institute of Education in 1984. He is a national first-class artist, the founder of the phenomenological school, artist stationed in Guangxia art street, art consultant of the Chinese art platform, art consultant of the International Union of abstract artists.





Zhu Kun’s oil painting





Zhu Kun’s oil painting




Zhu Kun’s oil paintings are freehand brushwork and large. With its forceful courage, it wantonly distorts, tears, destroys and pierces the void on the screen, and advances towards the infinite void.



王令怡  Lingyi Wang



王令怡  1989年出生,词曲创作人、诗人、歌者。中国音乐家协会流行音乐学会会员,中国诗歌学会会员,中国抽象艺术联盟盟员。毕业于北京外国语大学。获颁中国流行音乐专业能力高级认证、中央音乐学院全国音乐教师专业水平认证高级。

Lingyi Wang  Born in 1989, songwriter, poet and singer. She is a member of the Pop Music Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, a member of the Poetry Institute of China, and an ally of the China Abstract Art Union. She graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She was awarded the advanced certification of professional ability of Chinese pop music and the national advanced certification of professional level of music teachers of the Central Conservatory of Music.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Construct sound with vision, deconstruct color with hearing, and integrate abstract painting with human spiritual perception. This stems from my exploration in the field of psychology, which takes loneliness, silence, concealment, chaos and other internal emotions as the theme of discussion. With symbols like scales and melodies, and with the painting style of computer numbers and geometric vectors, the impression, performance and structure are linked, and the hidden human inner world is displayed with intuitive color lines. This contains a kind of warm psychoanalysis and deep-seated healing power.



The painting works show a religious and philosophical meaning, which is closely related to the spirituality of music. For example, the works "lamp of the universe" is the binary correspondence between the internal and external world, and the interaction between the quantum world and sensory functions.



The creation between various fields of art borrows from each other, and the inspiration is abundant, which comes from women’s intuitive world. Maintain a calm dialogue between subjective passion and rational spirit, and constantly integrate color, sound and form through the refinement of dimension.





Lamp of the universe      print



It calls itself the lamp of the universe, and it can also be the eye of the universe. It looks like a photon and moves quickly, which seems to have spin state and parity.





World of deep blue       print




《玫瑰湖》 版画,100x100cm2022

Rose lake     print




Impression of the Sun and the Moon      print





Mysterious blue     print




Wang Lingyi’s prints are flexible and mysterious, which is the mutual induction, communication and resonance between the universe in self heart and the external world, and excellent exploration of superstructure.




杜志阳  Zhiyang Du



杜志阳  1973年生于湖南邵东,2006年毕业于湖南师大美术学院(硕士学位)。

Zhiyang Du  Born in Shaodong, Hunan Province in 1973. Graduated from the Academy of fine arts of Hunan Normal University (Master’s degree) in 2006.





Du Zhiyang’s paper works




Du Zhiyang’s works is complex and polysemy, and it is self-contained. Those crisscross limbs and other pillars constitute a difficult system, full of metaphors and more superstructure.




冯开兰  Kailan Feng



冯开兰  1988年毕业于东北大学机械工程专业。2008年开始学画,2011年在国际书象学社学习,后开启书象艺术创作。

Kailan Feng  Graduated from Northeast University in 1988, majoring in mechanical engineering. Began to study painting in 2008, studied in the international society of calligraphy-image in 2011, and then began to create calligraphy-image art.




《八荒厉游》 宣纸水墨丙烯,50x100cm2020

Eight barrens vigorous tour        paper  ink acrylic





《次空间》 宣纸水墨丙烯,68x68cm2020

Subspace     paper ink acrylic





《天行健》 宣纸水墨丙烯,68x68cm2020

Heaven healthy runing       paper ink acrylic




Feng Kailan’s works of calligraphy-image art are fragmented spatial composition, at the same time also reflects the lyrical continuity of ink painting. It is not only a reflection of human lattice life, but also like a lot of closed and parallel universe.




胡人伟  Renwei Hu



胡人伟  辽宁沈阳人,电视媒体高级编辑。现为中国科普作家协会会员、中国油画写生俱乐部《写生中国》协会会员、沈阳美术家协会会员、沈阳市华侨美术家协会理事。Saatchi gallery注册艺术家,美国毕米思当代艺术中心会员。

Renwei Hu  Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, senior editor of TV media. She is now a member of the China Science Popularization Writers Association, the China oil painting and sketching club "sketching China" association, the Shenyang Artists Association, and the director of the Shenyang overseas Chinese Artists Association. Saatchi Gallery is a registered artist and a member of the bimith Center for contemporary art in the United States.





Hu Renwei’s ink works




Hu Renwei’s paintings construct an exotic world with ink lines, from which we can find faces and faint limbs with different postures, as well as plants and buildings hidden in the shadow of color.



Because of the lyrical continuity of ink lines, everything can be interconnected, breathe and share. Ink plays a vital role not only in the rhythm of space, but also in the juxtaposition and intersection of time and space.




李蕤  Rui Li



李蕤  学习经历:法国儒勒.凡尔纳大学造型艺术系,四川美术学院油画系,壤巴拉非遗传习创业园传习中心。

Rui Li  Learning experience: University of Picardie Jules Verne in France, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Training Center of Rangbala Intangible Cultural Heritage.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation










About the behavioral photography series "Passing scenery":

When we identify with our roles and personalities,

This is the illusion, the loss of self.

As human beings, most of us are submerged in daily life. Rarely think: who are we and why are we here? Where are we going?

When you penetrate the veil of illusion and put down your illusory self, what is left?

The landscape of the world is your own,

What you see and feel,

What you love and understand,

It’s all the scenery you’re walking through.





Behavioral photography series "Passing scenery"






Behavioral photography series "Passing scenery"




Li Rui places notes in different scenes to show her crossing. But in fact, this is just a sign, which is a hint of how to really cross a landscape and how to deeply keep the landscape in your heart. And life is nothing more than constantly passing through different landscapes, that is, different daily space-time.




李天恩  Tianen Li



李天恩  群展:2021年参加我们还是人吗自画像国际网展,2016年新而上当代艺术展(北京上上国际美术馆)等。个展:2017乱开花个展(杭州逸林汇艺术空间),2014桃花岛个展(杭州四合画廊)。

Tianen Li  Group exhibition: participated in the self portrait international online exhibition "are we still human" in 2021, and the new and up contemporary art exhibition (Beijing Shangshang International Art Museum) in 2016. Solo exhibition: 2017 "random flowering" solo exhibition (Hangzhou yilinhui art space), 2014 "Peach Blossom Island" solo exhibition (Hangzhou Sihe Gallery).





Li Tianen’s works





Li Tianen’s works




Li Tianen’s works are not only the painting of daily scenes, but also the ultimate collocation of colors. It is like quadratic element, squashing daily space-time. Different from Li Rui’s "Passing scenery", this is residence of instant.




丽莎  Lisa



丽莎  蒙古族。当代雕塑家,画家,城市景观、公共艺术、潮玩、数字雕塑设计师,央视虚拟艺术设计师。清华大学美术学院雕塑系毕业。现为北京美协雕塑协会会员、内蒙古美术家协会会员、内蒙古雕塑家协会会员。

Lisa  Mongolian. Contemporary sculptor, painter, designer of urban landscape, public art, trendy toys and digital sculpture, CCTV virtual art designer. Graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University. Now a member of the Sculpture Association of Beijing Artists Association, Inner Mongolia Artists Association and Inner Mongolia sculptors Association.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


In modern life, mobile phones and various electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. The command action of a finger touching the screen solves all problems and communication, which has become the inherent action of modern people. And with the continuous progress of human science and technology and more and more intelligent, the development of human-computer interaction will be more humanized, simplified and intelligent. It’s unimaginable that all human life and work can be completed in one finger from the ancient stone age. It also reminds human beings to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of modern scientific and technological life and how to live in the future world while enjoying high-speed and convenient work and life.





《宇宙之手》 白天效果,不锈钢材质,高4-5

Hand of the universe  ,  daytime effect , stainless steel, 4-5 meters high




"Hand of the universe" is hollow, like a tower building. The difference between it and the tower is that it is the embodiment of human beings, not Buddha. It points not only to space, but also to the human heart. It can be said that the Superstructuralism is also directed at the hearts of the people.




梁治远  Zhiyuan Liang



梁治远  1986年生于云南省红河州个旧市,2006年毕业于云南艺术学院附中,2010年毕业于云南省红河学院(油画专业),中国新当代研究会会员。居于成都。

Zhiyuan Liang  Born in Gejiu City, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province in 1986. Graduated from the middle school attached to Yunnan Academy of Art in 2006, and graduated from Yunnan Honghe Academy (oil painting major) in 2010. Now a member of China New Contemporary Research Association. Living in Chengdu.



《荒草明镜--空》 数字作品,2019

Barren grass and bright mirror--empty    digital works




《荒草明镜--空》 数字作品,2019

Barren grass and bright mirror--empty    digital works




"Barren grass and bright mirror--empty" is a composition works. One of its compositions is ink painting, in which mountains, rivers, grass and trees are faintly visible; The second type is decorative patterns, which are used to separate the ink composition. This is an excellent discussion of the relationship between closed spaces, that is, their juxtaposition, echo, contrast and communication.




卢凤才  Fengcai Lu



卢凤才  水墨艺术家,编剧,导演。自幼喜欢绘画。毕业于鲁迅美术学院服装设计系,结业于鲁迅美术学院创办的千山画苑。结业于北京电影学院导演系。

Fengcai Lu  Ink artist, screenwriter and director. Like painting since childhood. Graduated from the Department of fashion design of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, graduated from Qianshan painting garden founded by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, graduated from the director Department of Beijing Film Academy.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Unconsciously, the epidemic that has swept the world has lasted for three years. I have made new changes in my creation, strengthening the proportion of color in my works, perhaps in the hope of bringing comfort and healing to myself or others. This creative state has continued to this day, and has accumulated many works. Looking back, these works, which are mature or complete, impromptu or sloppy, vivid or crude, record a period of life destined to be unforgettable: 2020-2022. It also injects the inner feelings of our individual life and our thinking and attitude towards the future life in the face of disasters and changes. When it came time to name them, I thought too much and pondered for some time. To borrow the coloring method proposed by Xie He of the Southern Dynasty in the "Ancient painting catalogue"--color by category, let’s call them "Color by heart" series. Life still has to go on. As for tomorrow, it’s not over yet……



《随心赋彩》系列5# 纸本水墨,69x69cm2022

"Color by heart" series 5#       paper ink




《随心赋彩》系列6# 纸本水墨,69x69cm2021

"Color by heart" series 6#      paper ink




Similar to Zhu Kun’s works, the series of "Color by heart" is a random sprinkling of color and a random distortion of space. Although this space is two-dimensional, the presentation of the picture has reached the level of 2.3 dimensions. This also shows that new dimension can be generated from the old space.



滕锋  Feng Teng



滕锋  1965年出生,现住北京,自由职业者。一个坚持与艺术相伴的人,有时他照顾她多一些,有时她关照他多一些,相互客气,却又毫不客气,分分合合直到今天。

Feng Teng  Born in 1965, now living in Beijing, freelance. A person who insists on being accompanied by art, sometimes he takes care of her more, sometimes she takes care of him more. They are polite to each other, but they are not polite at all. They are on and off until today.





Symbiosis series No.06




Tengfeng’s "Symbiosis series" is more wild and freehand than Lu Fengcai’s "Color by heart". In fact, the so-called "breaking through the back of the paper and breaking through the wall" is intended to break through the two-dimensional plane and burst into vitality towards a higher dimension.




滕亚红  Yahong Teng



滕亚红  1987年生于湖南,现生活于北京和成都。中国新当代研究会会员,中国当代女子画会会员。

Yahong Teng  Born in Hunan in 1987 and now lives in Beijing and Chengdu. She is a member of China New Contemporary Research Association and China contemporary women’s Painting Association.




《疫情下的掠影》 布面丙烯及综合材料,80x150cm2020

Glimpse of the epidemic      cloth acrylic and comprehensive materials




The flowers in Teng Yahong’s works either bloom, wither, or are pregnant, and the three-stage picture also shows these three states. This may be inspired by the juxtaposition of multiple time and space in landscape painting, that is, to represent the similarities and differences of time and space with different states of flowers, so as to realize the transformation of time and space. This is exactly what the epidemic has brought to the author and many people.




邢昊  Hao Xing



邢昊  原名邢少飞,1963年出生于山西襄垣。诗人,画家,获第四届亚洲诗人奖、第十一届李白诗歌奖特别奖、《都市文学》中国桂冠诗人奖、美国亦凡文学奖。

Hao Xing  Formerly known as Shaofei Xing, born in Xiangyuan, Shanxi Province in 1963. Poet, painter. Won the fourth Asian poet award, the special award of the 11th Li Bai poetry award, the Chinese poet laureate award of "Urban literature" and the American Yifan literature award.




《窥视》 墨汁卡纸,76x52cm2022

Peep    ink cardboard


A woman seem to be playing with astronauts, which means she is like a planet. The astronaut rolled, eager to land on the planet he had dreamed of.




《投降》 墨汁卡纸,76x52cm2022

Surrender    ink cardboard





Xing Hao’s black-and-white works are exaggerated and stylish, turning the female human body into a mountain, river and earth, which reminds people of the ancestor Nuwa. Or make it tease astronauts and the earth, like a goddess. Its image is naughty and playful, which can be said to be the image spokesman of Superstructuralism.




徐宏雁  Hongyan Xu



徐宏雁 艺名子然。1972年生于长春。黑龙江剪纸协会副秘书长、吉林省剪纸专业委员会副秘书长。从事的艺术创作包括行为、音乐、舞蹈、诗词、纪录片等。作为演员,出演舞台剧、微电影、电影、短片等。曾任香港影视芭蕾舞蹈学校副校长、吉林大学南湖校区外国留学生美术指导师、长春市政协剪纸艺术中心办公室主任。

Hongyan Xu  Stage name is Ziran. Born in Changchun in 1972. Deputy Secretary General of Heilongjiang paper-cut Association and Jilin paper-cut Professional Committee. His artistic creation includes behavior, music, dance, poetry, documentary, etc. As an actor, he acted in stage plays, micro films, films, short films, etc. He used to be the vice president of Hong Kong film and television ballet school, the art instructor of foreign students in Nanhu campus of Jilin University, and the director of the office of Changchun CPPCC paper-cut art center.





Watch     coated paper-cut





Legislation     coated paper-cut




Xu Hongyan’s paper-cut works show the strangeness of his modeling power. Whether it is the "Watch" with a car like a transformer or the "Legislation" like a samurai in medieval Europe, it belongs to the divine beast family, galloping in super space- time, free from any dimensional constraints.




古洪强  Hongqiang Gu



古洪强 1979年生于重庆。自幼酷爱绘画,不满于受到传统绘画的限制,在布面、综合材料、纸本、摄影、影像等方向不断尝试。

Hongqiang Gu  Born in Chongqing in 1979. Loved painting since childhood, dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional painting. Continued to try in the direction of cloth, comprehensive materials, paper, photography, images and so on.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation


Pursue artistic freedom, as well as the external symbolic expression linked internally. Pay attention to the study of the relationship between color, line, image and inner life, as well as the self liberation of art, as well as the understanding, discovery, renewal and awakening of individual internal emotional spirit. Use a new form to connect the internal world with pictures and the freedom of various forms, and show truly own art forms. Constantly understand the truth of the world and the origin of life, and use art to express the richness and freedom of the soul.





Gu Hongqiang’s works




Gu Hongqiang’s works is broad and powerful, with gloomy blue-black structure on the right and bright burst on the left. Left and right contrast, as if two isolated worlds were suddenly opened up.



张志刚  Zhigang Zhang



张志刚  毕业于内蒙古师范大学美术系油画专业、首都师范大学美术系油画研修班,中央美术学院油画系材料表现工作室访问学者。内蒙古科技大学美术学院副教授,中国美术家协会会员。多次举办个人作品展,出版个人画册,策划艺术活动。

Zhigang Zhang  Graduated from the oil painting major of the art Department of Inner Mongolia Normal University, the oil painting seminar of the art Department of Capital Normal University, and a visiting scholar of the material performance studio of the oil painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Associate professor in Academy of fine arts of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, member of China Artists Association. Held many exhibitions of personal works, published personal albums, and planned artistic activities.



《山水计划》292  布面丙烯及综合材料,200x90cm2019

Mountain-river plan 292      cloth acrylic and comprehensive materials




《山水计划》288 布面丙烯及综合材料,200x90cm2022

Mountain-river plan 288     cloth acrylic and comprehensive materials




Zhang Zhigang’s "Mountain-river plan" takes colorful circles as the main image, and the relationship between circles is like different planets. They interact, attract and receive each other’s matter and energy, and jointly illuminate the cosmic background.



汤军  Jun Tang



      汤军     独立艺术家,作家。创立超结构主义,致力于打通科学与艺术、艺术与社会之藩篱,倡导大艺术观,并预言了未来的波动艺术。

     Jun Tang  Independent artist, writer. Create Superstructuralism, strive to break through the barriers between science and art, art and society, advocate the Grand View of art, and prophesy Waveart in the future.


【作者阐释 Author’s explanation】


Concept experiment is a new art form, one of its characteristics is that there is no image, but only words. That is, to carry out art experiments through the imagination triggered by written descriptions.




Concept experiment works 01: "Mona Lisa" running towards the black-hole



       What happens when Leonardo da Vinci’s "Mona Lisa" is thrown into a black-hole. We can imagine that when the "Mona Lisa" goes in, it will burn up, and her smile will instantly turn into a black butterfly and disappear. Actually, ……


        Nothing will happen from the moment the "Mona Lisa" enters the black-hole. Because everything that happens needs light, and only light can have facts. There is no light in the black-hole, and light       only cruises at the edge of the event horizon of the black-hole.


         Moreover, there is no time in the black-hole. The "Mona Lisa" smile will last forever in it.




Concept experiment works 02: tears in quantum entanglement



    Imagine that objects with quantum entanglement effect extend from microscopic particles to macroscopic things, such as tears. So it can be imagined that the two tears were originally one, stored in the lacrimal gland, in a static state. When they are separated in two places, the distance between the two places is one light year, and they still maintain a ghostly complementary relationship, namely quantum entanglement.


        When one tear bulges, the other will sag; When this drop appears as a vertical bar, that drop will be a rolling ellipse; When this drop is a small pool of water, that drop will scatter like falling jade……


      If the two tears gradually grow into or diffuse into the stars, we can see through the telescope a scene similar to the moon’s cloudy, sunny, round and waning, that is, we can see two distant transparent stars looking at each other, with a rhythmic relationship, which is the epic grandeur of the universe.




《四维之椅》 布面油画,2021

Four dimensional chair   cloth oil painting




《世界潮玩大团结万岁》 布面油画,2021

Long live the world trendy toys great unity       cloth oil painting




《面包之上》 布面油画,2021

On bread    cloth oil painting




《水经注》 布面油画,2021

Water classics annotation    cloth oil painting




二、下一步计划 Next step plan


1)超结构主义大展 The major exhibition of Superstructuralism


        The exhibition of Superstructuralism is not only the continuation of group exhibition, but also the new exploration and discovery of super space-time structure.


2)走向波动艺术  Towards the WaveArt 


         It is an artistic adventure to move from Superstructuralism to Waveart.



        Wave art is to create art with probabilistic content and form, which is the limit breakthrough of the deterministic world of particles.



三、结束语 Concluding remarks



Probably in the past group exhibitions, no planner and academic commentator would read and comment on everyone’s works and their academic outlook so carefully, and connect them with their works into a system. As a planner, I should be.



As an academic commentator, since I have founded Superstructuralism, I should practice it, because I have regarded this group exhibition as a big production of Superstructuralism.






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