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Hainan Silverfield Winter Residency Program Initia

[2017-11-25 9:22:09]


Shangyuan Art Museum / Hainan Silverfield Winter Residency Program Initiation


北京 上苑艺术馆-海南银地冬季驻留计划,日前在海南省三亚市保亭县六弓乡启动。该项目是由中国银地投资有限责任公司与北京上苑艺术馆联合开发并执行。


Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum / Hainan Silverfield Winter Residency Program is now initiated at Liugong Township, Baoting County, Sanya City, Hainan Province. This project is jointly developed and ran by China Silverfield City Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum.


上苑艺术驻留(国际创作计划)项目,是于十年前在北京开始,每年4月入驻至11月1 日结束,冬季休眠闭馆。

Shangyuan Residency Program has been running for 10 years since 2007, and every year it runs from April till 1st of November. The Museum is shut during the winter season.



In order to avoid the winter cession of the program, Shangyuan Art Museum has been looking for an alternative in Hainan for a long period of time. After many years of exchanging ideas and inspirations between Shangyuan and Hainan Silverfield, we share many similarities in values and perspectives, and developed common goals in art, education and culture. 

首届确定于2017年12月1日开始启动,结束日期为2018年4月1日。此为长期公益合作艺术项目,计划每年11月1 日至次年的4月1 日。

The first Winter Residency Program will start from December 1st, and ends April 1st, 2018. This program will run as a long-term project, and we plan to continue it every year from November 1st till April 1st of next year. 

申请人资格:上苑艺术馆-历届艺术驻留(国际创作计划 ”艺术家为首选,接受来自美术(含绘画、雕塑、装置、地景)、诗歌、音乐、舞蹈、设计、摄影、行为、电影……多方面的艺术家。每年将会设制一定的形式与主题,从申请者中选取最恰当的艺术家入驻。

Qualification for Applicants: We favor participants of pervious Shangyuan Residency Program, from various disciplines, including fine art (painting, sculpture, installation and landscape), poetry, music, dance, design, photography, behavior and film etc. Every year there will be a set of themes, and we will select artists whose capability suits the themes the best. 


The theme of 2017 Winter Residency is: Making art as a landscape, use body, soul and mind as theme, via sculpture, installation, landscaping and wall painting etc., to create an organic fusion between contemporary art with local environment. All the cost of design and installation will be covered by Hainan / Baoting Silverfield Investment Co., Ltd.



1  Ludwika Ogorzelec 女 装置(法国)2011年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

2  Luz Peuscovich  女  装置(阿根廷)2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

3  老  羊 陶瓷与雕塑(上海)2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

4  梁志远 装置绘画 (四川)2015年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

5  吕墩墩 装置与水墨(湖北)2015上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

6  Ruth Fernandes 女 绘画装置 (以色列) 2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

7  温  度  装置与雕塑 (深圳)2009年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

8  植子渝 装置与雕塑 (广东)20013年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家


Selected Artists:


1. Ludwika Ogorzelec, installation (France) 2011 Residency Program

2. Luz Peuscoivch, installation (Argentine) 2017 Residency Program

3. Lao Yang, pottery and sculpture (Shanghai) 2017 Residency Program

4. Liang Zhiyuan, installation and painting (Sichuan) 2015 Residency Program

5. Lyu Dundun, installation and ink painting (Hubei) 2015 Residency Program

6. Ruth Fernandes, painting and installation (Israel) 2017 Residency Program

7. Wen Du, installation and sculpture (Shenzhen) 2009 Residency Program

8. Zhi Ziyu, installation and sculpture (Guangdong) 2013 Residency Program


9  Christine Lee Tyler 女  绘画与装置(美国)2017上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

10  张智罡  绘画与装置 (海南)2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

11  李燕华 女 空间艺术 (台湾)2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

12  Goran Stakic 装置  (塞尔维亚) 2017年上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

13  李化猛 绘画与装置(北京)2014上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

14  赵晓潇 女 雕塑与装置(天津)2016上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

15  寿天 & 阮伊 绘画与装置 (印度)2013上苑艺术馆驻留艺术家

16  孙上了 翻译(德国)上苑艺术馆远程海外工作人员



1. Christine Lee Tyler, painting and installation (USA) 2017 Residency Program

2. Zhang Zhigang, painting and installation (Hainan) 2017 Residency Program

3. Li Yanhua, space art (Taiwan) 2017 Residency Program

4. Goran Stakic, installation (Serbia) 2017 Residency Program

5. Li Huameng, painting and installation (Beijing) 2014 Residency Program

6. Zhao Xiaoxiao, sculpture and installation (Tianjin) 2016 Residency Program

7. Dhaneshwar Shah, painting and installation (India) 2013 Residency Program

8. Sun Shangliao, translation (Germany) Shangyuan Art Museum foreign liaison



Baoting Silverfield Investment Co., Ltd.:


Baoting Sliverfield Co., Ltd. is a subcompany to China Silverfield City Investment Co., Ltd. Its goal is to explore and invest in health business and establish itself as a company with a social development perspective. Through platform + incubator mode, we want to develop an international health town with the combination of research, study and production. Art, culture and charity is an important part of the international health town of China Silverfield City Investment Co., Ltd.



Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum:


Shangyuan Art Museum is an internationally influential contemporary art institute. We are dedicated to our residency program. We have been running our program for 10 years continuously, accommodated more than 400 artists from 37 different countries, within the disciplines of poetry, painting, installation, music, dance, design, behavior, sculpture and etc.

上苑-海南银地冬季驻留基地 环境介绍:

Basic Information of the Winter Residency Program:

位置 Map location

丘陵地貌 Hills:



交流环境 meetings department


生活环境 Life Environment:


宿舍 Accommodation:

可爱的人们 Friends:


我们的邻居——鸡、鹅、鸭、猪 ……

Our Neighbor : chicken, goose, duck, pig……




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