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Klega-Works done at Shangyuan residency

[2016-8-17 8:15:36]


Klega-Works done at Shangyuan residency


展览时间:2016-08-18 下午3:30
地  址:北京,怀柔,桥梓,沙峪口 (桥梓艺术公社)


Works done at Shangyuan residency:  Staring At Things Staring Back (single channel video, 10’30’’, 2016) A commodity, an object, travels around the building of Shangyuan museum like a tourist, savouring the views the architecture, art and the landscape. The object, a pink bowl and a fountain act like the commodity which stares back at us as we stare at it; just like in Walter Benjamin’s example of a person we are looking at on the train, who suddenly looks back at us. Our surprise at the sudden discovery that there is another subject. The commodity and the artwork are both magical objects which suddenly acquire their own subjectivity or maybe they are just the distributed fragments of ourselves.  Work in Progress: Pond-Life , Stairway to Heaven  Previous work:  The Landscape Painting (single channel video, 15"00, 2016) The waterfall is a standard trope of oriental landscape paintings, with manifold meanings. This waterfall in Seoul has been constructed like a painting, an “image” which does not “represent” but “is” a waterfall. This waterfall “represents” all the images of the waterfall as the movement of the whole cosmos: water and mountain, yin and yang, for the benefit and happiness of the people. However, although we can switch a waterfall on or off, we cannot control the movements of the cosmos.  aerlab.wordpress.com

盯着那些盯着我们看的东西 (单频影像,10分30秒,2016)



个人网站: aerlab.wordpress.com


 Klega, born in Prague (1961), lives and works in London and Seoul.




2001-08    PhD, Goldsmiths’ College, London

1995-97    MA, Goldsmiths’ College, London

1985-94    Meisterschüler degree, HdK Berlin


selected exhibitions (since 2000 only, (S) = solo exhibition):


2015    Plastic Myth, ACC, Gwangju

    Visible Air, KoMA, Seoul

    Pyongchang Biennale 2015


2014    Local Arrangements (mimetic appropriations), Corner Art Space, Seoul  (S)

    예술로 Burn:, IAP, Incheon

    Small Future, NamSeoul, SeMa, Seoul

    Rhythm, Gallery 0914, Seoul

    Universal Studios, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

    동상이몽 (dreaming other dreams), White Birch/Jjnamu Gallery, Seoul  (S) 


2013    Reality, Perspectives and Encounters, Nanji exhibition hall, Seoul

    Landscape and other Implements, Space Mass, Seoul (S) 

    Words Failed Me, ONewWall Gallery, Seoul (S) 

    Circle of Life, TEAF 2013, Ulsan

    Good job, Good place, Good time, Osan Museum of Art


2012    Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2012, Gongju

    Popart Sejong Art Center, Seoul, Korea

    Lets go back to Rose Inn, Guull space, Seoul, Korea


2011    Around the World in 80 Hours, LOOP, Seoul, Korea

    Idonthaveyourmarbles (live auction), Maddox Gallery, London


2010    Around the World in 80 Hours, Suwon Art Center, Gyeonggi-do, Gallery Loop,

    Seoul, Korea

    Rude Britannia, Tate Britain, London

    Group show, Paik Hea Young Gallery, Seoul

    Tapestry, Die Kassette, Leipzig

    ArtschoolUK.org, Cell Project Space, London


2008    To-Lo, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London

    The Golden Record, The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh


2007    Double Standarts, Tomo&Komo Gallery Tokyo

    5 artworks, 5 stations, 5 days, Art on the Underground


2006    A New City, ARKO Museum, Seoul, Korea

    Metropolis Rise, Shanghai and Bejing, China


2005    Only Minutes to Live, Temporarycontemporary, London

    The Memory Remains, Hedah Maastricht, Netherland

    HangulDada, Loop, Seoul, Korea


2004    Lost in Tomorrow 2., Copenhagen, Denmark

    Kingdom, Market Gallery, Glasgow

2003    Klega, Loop Gallery, Seoul (South Korea) (S)

    The Lost Collection of the Invisible Man, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

    Lost in Tomorrow, CCA Mallorca, Andratx (Spain)

    Bay of Joy Festival at Kliazma, Moscow (Russia)


2002    Naturellement, St Etienne (France)

    Neverland, Cell Project Space, London


2001    Infinite Jest, Ten in One Gallery, New York

    Imaginarium, vto, London

    Insider Trading, The Mandeville, London

    Hoesch-Museum, Dueren (Germany)

    Klega, MUU, Helsinki


2000    The Raft, Nylon Gallery, London

    These Epic Islands, Vilma Gold, London

    Klega, 4X4, Amsterdam (S)

    London Orphan Asylum, Openspace, Milan (Italy) and Melbourne (AUS)

    Cheated, A22 Projects, London

    Dilated Pupils, vto, London

    Living with the Dutch, Erlanger Road, London

        Zigzag, Galeria Thomas Cohn, Sao Paulo (Brasil)



2013        Words failed me, Klega, Seoul 2013, (isbn: 979-11-950642-1-2)

2012        “Ein Philosoph hat nur schlechte Tage”, in: Tanzen wir Philosophie, ed. H.                     Boehringer, J. A.Tillmanns, Salon Verlag, Koeln, 2012

        “Community and Utopia”, in: Urban Regeneration & Community Art Project                 (Incheon) 2012 

2009        How Altermodern are You? Edited by C. Lewisohn, Tate Britain Publication, London 

2007        Our Comic Book, ed. Mel Brimfield, Revolver, ISBN 978-3-86588-419-0 

2004        Pilot1 Book, Doubleplus, London (www.pilotlondon.org/2004/downloads/pilot_book_pr.pdf )

1994        100 Short Films, Vexer Verlag, St.Gallen, ISBN 3909090192




2015        ACC Plastic Myths

        Pyongchang Biennale 2015

2014        예술로 Burn:, IAP, Incheon

        Universal Studios, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2013        Circle of Life, TEAF 2013, Ulsan

2012        Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2012, Gongju

        Popart, Sejong Art Center, Seoul

        Let’s go back to Rose In, Gul space, Seoul

2010        Around the World in 80 Hours, Suwon Art Center, Suwon 2010

        Rude Britannia, British Comic Art, ed. C. Lewisohn, et.al., ISBN: 9781854378866

2009        To-Lo Tokyo-London art exchange, London

2007        The Drawing Show, Factory Gallery, Seoul

2006        Metropolis Rise, New Art From London, Article Press, Birmingham, ISB1873352441

2004        ArtKliasma, Moscow

2003        Lost in Tomorrow, Asbaeck Gallery, Andtrax and Kopenhagen,

2002        Naturellement, Espace Fourielle, St.Etienne, 

2000        The lost collection, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

1999        Zauberhaft, Dresden-Waldschloesschen,  Germany


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