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Shangyuan Art Scene Annual Exhibition 2012 A Field

[2012-10-12 19:59:22]

Shangyuan Art Scene Annual Exhibition 2012

A Field of Wheat





成浦云Puyun Cheng


油画:李天恩 林韵如 刘东路 李大鹏 凌惠华 毛新国 史志刚 孙钧钧 韦少东 王旭 王泊 喻言 赵勖东 张志刚 张利军 张振江 朱亮 郑泽新  Sachin(印度),Bandyopadhyay(印度),

Oil painting: Tian’en Li, Yunru Lin, Donglu Liu, Dapeng Li, Huihua Ling, Xinguo Mao, Zhigang Shi, Junjun Sun, Shaodong Wei, Xu Wang, Bo Wang, Yan Yu, Xudong Zhao, Zhigang Zhang, Lijun Zhang, Zhenjiang Zhang, Liang Zhu, Zexin Zheng ,Sachin,Bandyopadhyay,

水墨、纸上: 肖毓方  向强   Urszula Wilk

Ink painting: Yufang Xiao, Qiang Xiang, Urszula Wilk

   置: Ludwika  威娜wela  马玉江   

Installation: Ludwika, Wela, Yujiang Ma

影 像: 蓝春雷  周旭帆   Film: Chunlei Lan, Xufan Zhou

音乐舞蹈:吴浩宇、赵航、赵雷  Music and Dance: Wuhao Yu, Zhao Hang, Zhao Lei




2012-10-14 Day: October 14, 2012


2011-10-14 至 2012-10-21  from October 14 to 21, 2012





Shayukou Village, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


+86 10 60635299



  Introduction to A Field of Wheat

By Puyun Cheng

Shangyuan Art Scene, a field of wheat for artists comes along with a pleasant smell in the air and cool breeze during the night, is where you can breathe the rarely existed in Beijing’s sweet air and enjoy a deep dreamless sleep. Thousands square meters of apartments and venues will provide you comfortable spaces to live and work.

To grow wheat, although land is the dominant element, other objects are also necessary. Sunshine, air and water, all of them are critical in farming wheat. Of course you can go out and try to search them by yourself, but most of time you have to wait for their appearance. Even when you have a fertile land, sufficient sunshine and enough nutrients, you have to ask yourself: Am I wheat? Or I am just some common grass? Because this is the most important reason that makes wheat wheat and finally flour.

Though can only provide each artist an apartment for living and working and a joint space of exhibition hall and library for artists to display their works and converse with each other, Shangyuan Art Scene has done its best to help its resident artists:

Organized 26  symposia;

Held several solo and group exhibitions, one outdoor exhibition and Studio Visiting Day, one ink painting experiment;

Provided dozens of independent critics for solo and group exhibitions;

Resident artists organized their own interviews concerning their trains of thought after came to Shangyuan;

Helped and participated solo exhibitions of two resident artists’ outside Shangyuan.

Being a resident artist in Shangyuan, except from rooting in an artistic field of wheat, you also entering a multidimensional platform. Daily interchange among resident artists, contact with Beijing artists’ circle, which gives many opportunities to this year’s resident artists. These activities have inspired artists many new ideas which leads to creation of various new works; some of them met new friends and joined new communities; some of them contracted to new galleries and been fond of by collectors.

Shangyuan Art Scene is neither a commercial gallery nor an artist agency. As a non-profit civilian organization, Shangyuan Art Scene, as a field of wheat, can only provide artists a place to stay and a window to know outside world. Good artistic work can only be achieved by a settled soul. In the meanwhile, you have to be alert to your surrounding world which is the sole way to be inspired and to be more creative.

The long path of pursuing art isn’t easy, this half a year flies by in the blink of an eye. Half a year’s time might not be significant enough when compares to someone’s whole life, but the pleasant surprises of chance meetings are much more enjoyable and unforgettable.

This is the sixth harvest of Shangyuan Art Scene’s wheat field. It may not be that impressive but surely will be fruitful.









电话: 010-60635299 60635757

ADD:Shangyuan Villairou Changpin District Bejing China,post code:102212

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