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Su Ye (Candidate of 2011 Residence Programme)

[2011-1-31 16:40:39]

Peter. Zhang
Born in 1983, Shaoxing, China. MA student of Experimental Art Dep. CAFA, graduated from China Academy of Art and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art ,now live and work in Beijing. The Artist mainly work on installation , video and painting.
展 览
2008 北京  “气候与文化”文本展
2009 东京  “现代风景”素描展
2009 北京  “案发南门”街头创作展
2010 北京  “首展”-SORRY 空间开放展
2010 香港  “The CV’s”:艺术家的简历展
2010 北京  “SORRY——Sorry空间第二回展”
2010 丹麦  “One Lens at One Eyes” 影像艺术展
2010 北京  798艺术节青年艺术家推荐展
2010 北京 “大声展”之“黑盒子文学项目”
《出站口》,2007,(1) 耶苏作品.
《出站口》,2007,(2) 耶苏作品.
《出站口》,2007,(3) 耶苏作品.
《出站口》,2010,(1) 耶苏作品.
《出站口》,2010,(2) 耶苏作品.
《出站口》,2010,(3) 耶苏作品.
2008 Beijing      “See climate” document
2009 Tokyo       “Modern landscape”: Drawing Exhibition
2010 Beijing      “Case at gate south”: Companies research laboratory
2010 Beijing      “The First Exhibition” Sorry Space Exhibition
2010 HongKong   “The CV’s”
2010 Beijing      “SORRY” second exhibition of Sorry space
2010 Danmark     “People we met” contemporary art
2010 Beijing      Young Artists Promotion Exhibition of 798 Art Festival
2010 Beijing    Black Box Project of “Get it Louder”

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