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August 8 in Shangyuan Art Museum: Articles in Tran

[2015-8-4 7:59:28]


August 8 in Shangyuan Art Museum: Articles in Transience - Mehran Mesbah Exhibition

Title: Articles of Transience


Artist: Mehran Mesbah (US)


Date: August 8-9


Venue: Beijing Huairou Qiaozi- Shangyuan Art Museum Hall first

展览地点:北京怀柔桥梓-上苑艺术馆 一号展厅

Organizer:Shang Yuan Art Museum


Artist Statement:


My current explorations while in residency at the Shangyuan Art Museum revolve around the notion of transience. The movement of people and objects over great lengths of distance and time fascinate me. Persian miniature painting and textiles have been the focus of this study. These cultural objects have permeated throughout the centuries, surviving their original creators. I appreciate the depth of their visual language as well as the timeline of their existence. Hence, these works are an investigation between this research and reflections of my own transient nature.


CV: / 简介:

Born in 1980, currently lives in California and teaches drawing and painting at California State University, Sacramento. Received a BA from Walla Walla University 2006 and a MA in Fine Arts from CSUS 2012. Previously lived and studied in Canada 2002 and France 2005.


Exhibitions: KUNSTWERK CARLSHüTTE, NordArt 2015, Büdelsdorf, Germany;

2014, California State Art Fair;

2013,”Mountain Tessellations” Beatnik; 2013 “Beliefs” SMUD Gallery.

展览:KUNSTWERK CARLSHüTTE,Nord Art,2015年,德国比德尔斯多夫;




Awards: 2011

Robinson Memorial Fellowship.





上苑 & 鸟巢-文学艺术国际联盟(简称:国际文盟)

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